Kenko Kazoku Co., Ltd. New release of food with functional claims “Reduce abdominal fat” for those with hi gher BMI ! A great chance to try!

Kenko Kazoku Co., Ltd.
Food with functional claims that “reduces abdominal fat” for those with a higher BMI – Futra Nine – New release! A great chance to try! ~-Traditional garlic egg yolk-Familiar health family

Kenko Kazoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiranomachi, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture; Representative Director: Tomoko Fuji) sells garlic products made from organically grown garlic. With the desire to “support the health of families all over the country”, we also sell foods with function claims to address various concerns. And this time, the notification to the Consumer Affairs Agency was accepted, and -Futra Nine- was released at the end of April 2023. It is a food with functional claims that contains “black ginger-derived
polymethoxyflavone,” which is reported to reduce “abdominal fat,” which many people worry about as they age.
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[Image 1:×2240.jpg] ▲ Foods with functional claims that reduce “abdominal fat” for those with a higher BMI -Futra Nine-
■Two capsules a day to reduce “abdominal fat” for those with a higher BMI -Futra Nine-
Kenko Kazoku’s -Futra Nine-, which has been newly released this time, is a food with functional claims that contains black ginger, a health ingredient that is attracting attention as it supports the consumption of belly fat. “Black ginger-derived polymethoxyflavone” has been reported to reduce abdominal fat (subcutaneous fat and visceral fat) in those with a high BMI (23 or more and less than 30).
[Image 2:×1124.jpg] In fact, in a study in which 12 mg of black ginger-derived
polymethoxyflavone was ingested once a day for 12 weeks, the total abdominal fat area decreased by an average of “-13.8 square
centimeters”. The results showed that the visceral fat area decreased by an average of “-4.3 square centimeters”. It is also known that it “makes it easier to consume fat” in energy metabolism during daily activities.
You can easily ingest the “black ginger-derived polymethoxyflavone” -Futra Nine-. By taking just 2 capsules a day, you can efficiently reduce belly fat while living a normal life without strenuous exercise. Especially for those in their 50s and over whose basal metabolism is slowing down, this product is attracting attention as it reduces the fat around the waist and supports health.
[Image 3:×1092.jpg] ■ Commemorating the new release! A great chance to try!
Kenko Kazoku no -Futra Nine- is a bag containing 60 capsules (about a month’s worth) at a regular price of 4,000 yen (tax included). We are preparing a special price “Sukkiri Support Course” so that more people can try it. The first bag is less than half the price of 1,980 yen (tax included/110 yen not including shipping), and the second and subsequent packs are always 20% off at 3,200 yen (tax included/free nationwide shipping). In addition, a “slim measure” that measures the waist circumference and shows the BMI is included as a gift for the first time.
[Image 4:×783.png] ▲The “Slim Measure” you get when you order the “Sukkiri Support Course” For those who say, “It’s easier for me to gain weight as I age…” or “I want to start fighting fat for my health!”, please take this opportunity to try it.
【Place your order here! ] ■Four plant-derived support ingredients are also uniquely formulated Kenko Kazoku no -Futra Nine- has a unique balance of 4 supporting ingredients in addition to “Black Ginger” so that customers can be more satisfied. They are “African mango tree extract powder” containing natural polyphenols and ellagic acid, “Hihatsu extract powder”, a type of pepper family, “red grape leaf extract powder” containing polyphenols, and “spice extract” derived from hot pepper. In this way, the production of products that are particular about plant-derived materials as the main ingredients is infused with the desire to be drunk every day with peace of mind.
[Image 5:×514.jpg] ▲Contains 4 plant-derived support ingredients that you can drink with peace of mind
■ Newly adopted! “Throw away package” that doesn’t bother the eyes around you When carrying around supplements, many people may be concerned about the eyes around them. So that even such people can drink anytime, anywhere with peace of mind, Kenko Kazoku -Futra Nine- has adopted a package designed for the first time to cut out the functional label when opened. I named it “Throw away package” with the meaning of “secretly throwing away” the part that I don’t want to be seen.
[Image 6:×514.jpg] ▲ Uses a “throw away package” that can be carried around without worrying about prying eyes
■Easiness of drinking that anyone can continue!
-Futra Nine- has a special coating, so you can drink it without worrying about the peculiar spiciness and bitterness of black ginger. In addition, the small pills are easy to swallow, and since you only need to take two pills a day, you can easily continue taking them every day. It is also a nice point that it is low in calories, about 1 kcal per tablet.
In addition, it is manufactured in a factory that has passed strict inspection standards and has acquired GMP certification, which is a proof of safety and security. In addition, we conduct residual pesticide inspections, disintegration tests, safety tests for black ginger powder, etc., and pursue the safety and security of our products from all perspectives.
[Image 7:×943.jpg] ■Very popular with monitors!
Before the release of -Futra Nine-, we asked the monitor to actually try the product.
“My bulging stomach area has cleared up in about a month! Walking, standing, and squatting have become smoother!” It fell naturally!” I want to reduce the belly fat that I have accumulated with age and live a healthy life! right now
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