Kitazawa Planning Office Co., Ltd. “Scape Grace Gin” landed in Japan from New Zealand. Release commemoration 15% OFF sale.

Kitazawa Planning Office Co., Ltd.
“Scape Grace Gin” landed in Japan from New Zealand. Release
commemoration 15% OFF sale.
A premium gin characterized by a smooth taste using glacier meltwater.
New Zealand’s premium gin “Scape Grace Gin”, which has been loved by 50 countries around the world and has received numerous awards at international competitions, has landed in Japan. BAR TIMES SELECT, a select shop for spirits and liqueurs, will carry out a “Scape Grace Gin” sale for a limited time to commemorate the release.
[Image 1:×400.jpg] Scape Grace Gin Sale [Until Thursday, May 25]
[Image 2:×400.jpg] Daniel and Mark, New Zealanders who love the ideal gin gin created by two gin lovers. The two of them talked about their ideal gin at the bar almost every day, and decided to create it with their own hands. After overcoming various hardships, they finally succeed in bringing the ideal gin to the world. The gin will be honored with gold medals at the London (IWSC) and San Francisco (SWSC) competitions.
[Image 3:×400.jpg] Mother water is the melted snow water of the Southern Alps. Even now, the rain produced by the vast nature of New Zealand does not contain any smoke from factories or exhaust gas from automobiles. Over the course of 80 years, the rain in New Zealand gradually seeps into the bedrock layer, absorbing various minerals and becoming a beautiful groundwater source.
[Image 4:×400.png] Distilled in a 19th-century pot still Scape Grace Gin is produced in a 19th-century JOHN DORE still. It has excellent thermal conductivity, and has the characteristic of distributing heat evenly on the iron surface. It creates a pure and rich distillate by removing volatile sulfur compounds and removing unwanted flavors. Currently, Scape Grace is building a second distillery with state-of-the-art equipment (scheduled to open in October 2023).
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