Kocho Co., Ltd. Kocho Branding Project New Package “Neo Sand Hinoki” “Neo Sand Blue” “Neo Sand Diatomaceous Earth”

Kocho Co., Ltd.
Kocho Branding Project New Package “Neo Sand Hinoki” “Neo Sand Blue” “Neo Sand Diatomaceous Earth”
-A new package for the popular cat sand-

Kocho Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, President: Nao Watanabe, hereinafter “Kocho”) has renewed the package with a new cat sand 5SKU as the “Kocho Branding Project” that started in July 2020. We will start selling “Neo Sand Hinoki”, “Neo Sand Blue”, and “Neo Sand Diatomaceous Earth”.
New package “Neo Sand Hinoki”, “Neo Sand Blue”, “Neo Sand Diatomaceous Earth”  Conventional products “Neo sand cypress” 6L, 12L “Neo sand blue” 6L, 12L “Neo sand diatomaceous earth” 6L New packaging for 5 products Then, from mid-May 2023 as “Neo Sand Hinoki” 6L, 12L “Neo Sand Blue” 6L, 12L “Neo Sand Diatomaceous Earth” 6L
Manufacturers will sequentially ship products with renewed packaging.  In addition, this product will be switched to a new package as soon as stock runs out at the Kocho official store (https://kohcho.shop/). vinegar.
Package renewal history
As the “Kocho Branding Project” that started in July 2020, we first branded “Neo Sheets Carbon DX”. Based on this result, the development department started a project to consider renewing the neo-sand package in order to differentiate the package from other companies’ products and improve the brand power of our products on the sales floor of retail stores. For the package renewal of the Neo-Sand series, we first conducted a consumer survey in order to create a new package, and analyzed the image of customers who needed Neo-Sand Okara Organic. As a result, it was found that not only existing customers but also customers who prioritize the lives of cats, such as those who want cat sand that is safe even if the cat licks it, will start “Neo Sand O Organic from. In addition, it turns out that there are many
family-oriented people who love cats equally as family members, and they are busy but want to clean easily every day! But I’m curious about the smell! In order to solve this problem, we released “Neo Sand Quick”. For the main visual, we placed an original character to create a familiarity with customers, and made it an eye-catching design that is rare in the cat sand sales floor. Original characters are very popular at events. In this package renewal, we aim to increase awareness of our products and make them fans by arranging original characters, using a color scheme that shows the characteristics of the product, and introducing the characteristics of each product with illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/63759/14/resize/d63759-14-c5d1a951b9ef54cdda01-0.jpg&s3=63759-14-6ea222e81a7e0b430bf75ed6c1d013e5-1755×1241.jpg]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/63759/14/resize/d63759-14-c4a341a5e7a1c7a5c4ab-1.jpg&s3=63759-14-07516ebeb8afaeb18b41d4744c1a693a-1755×1241.jpg]
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/63759/14/resize/d63759-14-ed7758c2932b077e737b-2.jpg&s3=63759-14-acbe2f7239dc44ec8af2f7c7dc80d7e4-1755×1241.jpg] ■ Product Names: Neo Sand Hinoki, Neo Sand Blue, Neo Sand Diatomaceous Earth ■ Scheduled sales start date: Mid-May 2023 From manufacturer shipments (as soon as stocks at official stores run out) ■ Sales area: Nationwide ■ Product standards:
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/63759/14/resize/d63759-14-f8ea3399d7dc4a07c0d6-3.jpg&s3=63759-14-be4bd6b027f4148ecdfead25e5cc7d01-872×441.jpg] “Neo Sand Okara Organic” press release
https://prtimes.jp/main/action.php?run=html&page=releasedetail&company_id=63759&release_id=9&owner=1 “Neo Sand Quick” press release

Company Profile
Kocho Co., Ltd. will contribute to the realization of a comfortable life for everyone through the creation of products that consider the balance between the environment, society and economy, based on the basic philosophy of creating products that contribute to society. Company Profile
Company name: Kocho Co., Ltd.
Representative: Naoshi Watanabe, President and Representative Director Head office location: 295 Aza Kawakubo, Atsuhara, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0201
Founded: December 1963
Business description: Manufacture and sale of pet toiletry products such as pet sheets, and welfare business
URL: https://www.kohcho.co.jp
At the time of our founding, our main product was the manufacture and sale of sanitary napkins for women with the desire to contribute to the amenity life of women. Since then, we have increased the variety of adult diapers and baby diapers, and with the motto “Pet quality used by humans as it is for pets”, we are now consuming not only pet sheets and cat litter, but also pet toiletry products in general. We have provided it to everyone. Among them, “Neo Sheets + Carbon DX” has been highly evaluated for its safe absorption and deodorizing function with the power of charcoal.
We are committed to creating products that contribute to society based on our management philosophy of “Kindness into shape” and our basic philosophy. We will continue to improve and develop products and manufacturing technology to meet the needs of the times, and continue to deliver better products.
Inquiries regarding this matter
Kocho Co., Ltd. Management Strategy Department TEL: +81-545-71-2610 FAX: +81-545-71-2047
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