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Kodansha Co., Ltd. Announcement of the mystery project “Hundred Notes” by 100 great detectives

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Announcement of the mystery project “Hundred Notes” by 100 great detectives
Kodansha Co., Ltd. (Representative: Shoshin Noma) is pleased to announce that on May 1, 2023, the teaser movie, official website, and official Twitter of the new cross-media content “Hundred Note” have been released.
■ Hundred Note Official Website:
■ Hundred Note Official Twitter:
[Image 1:×599.jpg] What is Hundred Note?
A new era detective project presented by Kodansha.
It is a multi-media composite content in which 100 famous detectives and their assistants compete for brains in TOKYOCITY, which has come to be called the crime city in 20XX.
We will deliver the original stories of many characters in various expressions such as Youtube animation, manga, and events.
The detective will form a team called “house” with two recorders, and will solve the case in a team of three people.
The voice actors for each character will be announced on the official Twitter from May 2nd.
[Image 2:×1432.png] Character design: misa (Twitter@12misa26)
House visual release
Upon the release of the official website, we will announce the members of the five houses and release the official visuals of each house. The creators in charge of the house visuals are as follows.
■ Hawkeyes
[Image 3:×1246.png] Creator: Akane Aki (Twitter @_akiakane 233,000 followers)
■ Swallow tail
[Image 4:×1313.jpg] Creator: Suoh (Twitter@sdurorhr 292,000 followers)
■ Ugly Duck
[Image 5:×1491.jpg] Creator: TCB (Twitter@tcb0 238,000 followers)
■ Night Owl
[Image 6:×1317.png] Creator: Hotarugo Maki (Twitter @nankatobidesou 441,000 followers) ■ Crown Crane
[Image 7:×1399.png] Creator: Shinkei (Twitter @jinkei_bunny 235,000 followers)
Teaser video release
To announce the project, a teaser video of “Hundred Note” has been released on the official Youtube channel.
URL: Video production: ODDJOB Inc Music: Masaru Yokoyama, Kana Hashiguchi
■ Masaru Yokoyama
In addition to being in charge of music for video works such as animations, dramas, and movies,
He also provides music for idols such as Momoiro Clover Z.
Recordings in various parts of the world and sampling materials produced by myself
With sound construction as his lifework, he explores the world of orchestral music and electro.
I am constantly searching for unique music while going back and forth. Drama “Beloved” Anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans” ■ Kana Hashiguchi
Started playing the electronic organ and piano at the age of three. He has been involved in many productions of theatrical accompaniment since he was in college.
In addition to specializing in orchestration that makes use of his overseas recording experience,
He also composes music using synthesizers.
Anime “Nokemonotachi no Yoru” Anime “A3!”
Scheduled to open a YouTube channel
From May 15th (Monday), we will start releasing original animation videos on the official Youtube channel of the phantom thief team “Snake Pit”, which operates in the two houses of “Hawkeyes” and “Swallowtail” and the same world view.
[Image 8:×485.png]
[Image 9:×492.png]

Official site
In addition to introducing the world view and story, the official website also publishes the settings and relationships of each character.
We will continue to update you as soon as we have any further announcements. Official site:
Official website production: Ryden Co., Ltd. (

Details about this release: