Kohara Takeru Photo Exhibition “Photo Encounter” Held / “Leica Q3” Presentation Video Released

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Kohara Takeru Photo Exhibition “Photo Encounter” Held / “Leica Q3” Presentation Video Released
Takeru Kohara Exhibition

Photographer Takeru Kohara will hold a photo exhibition from May 27th, featuring snapshots and portraits taken for this exhibition with the new Leica Q3. At the online presentation that approaches the appeal of the “Leica Q3”, he was invited as a guest to give an impression talk. Takeru Kohara Photo Exhibition “Photo Encounter”
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/11879/35/resize/d11879-35-d2b81e3da7e17a3b62ca-0.jpg&s3=11879-35-82ba9904698483b769ae8bb97fa4612e-2048×1363.jpg] Leica Gallery Tokyo (C) Takeru Kohara
This exhibition titled “Satsuen” will be held simultaneously in Tokyo and Kyoto, featuring portraits linked to everyday worldviews, social media and web publications, and book covers of famous authors. Takeru Kohara, a photographer who also works with Leica, will exhibit snapshots and portraits taken for this exhibition with the Leica Q3. The relationship between Kohala and his wife, Juri, which began with the person taking the photo and the person being photographed, and the creativity embedded in the snapshots. Please experience the world view.
Photo Exhibition “Satsuen”
Period: May 27th (Sat) – August 27th (Sun), 2023
Venue: Leica Gallery Tokyo (Leica Ginza Store 2F) / Leica Gallery Kyoto (Leica Kyoto Store 2F)
Please see the link below for dates and details:
Leica Gallery Tokyo https://bit.ly/TK_Tokyo
Leica Gallery Kyoto: https://bit.ly/TK_Kyoto
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/11879/35/resize/d11879-35-e5361a44e8ec905efa28-0.jpg&s3=11879-35-31051f737e21eecc2020e4d878713ba7-1536×2048.jpg] Leica Gallery Kyoto (C) Takeru Kohara
“Leica Q3” presentation video released: Impression talk by Takeru Kohara
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp4V-7WQGuQ] “Leica Q3” online presentation video is now available on the YouTube channel “Leica Movie”.
This video includes a message from Andreas Kaufmann, the owner of Leica Camera, a presentation by Jesko von Oenhausen, General Manager of Product Management in the Camera Division, and an impression talk with photographer Takeru Kohara as a guest, including his photo exhibition works. You can see

Exhibiting the actual Leica Q3 at the Leica store
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/11879/35/resize/d11879-35-561bff5809621a1c15c4-2.jpg&s3=11879-35-60ef9511de30aa6b8b00193dfc48a548-1298×865.jpg] Also, at the Leica store, the actual Leica Q3 will be on display from Saturday, May 27th.
Please take this opportunity to drop by the Leica store and experience the topical new products at the store as soon as possible.
Find out more about the Leica store here:

— Kohala Takeru
Takeru Kohara
Born in 1984, from Nagasaki prefecture. After gaining experience as a freelance writer after working in the construction industry, he later turned into a photographer.
He is also known for his emotional and charming portraits that are linked to the everyday worldview, such as the idea of ​​#I like nothing but just roads. While working mainly on advertising photos on web media including SNS, photos are also used for book covers such as Fumio Yamamoto’s “Rotating while revolving” and Rio Shimamoto’s “Your mistress’s name” (paperback edition). It is

“Leica Q3” product page
Leica Camera Japan https://leica-camera.com
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