Komeri Co., Ltd. It can be charged by USB, and it is economical because it does not require batteries! New release of “rechargeable sprayer” perfect for home gardening and gardening

Komeri Co., Ltd.
It can be charged by USB, and it is economical because it does not require batteries! New release of “rechargeable sprayer” perfect for home gardening and gardening
-Sales start from Tuesday, May 30, 2023-

Komeri Co., Ltd. (located in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, President: Yuichiro Deku), which supports local professionals as a local lifeline through home centers “Komeri Power” and “Komeri Hard & Green”, is an original Komeri On May 30, 2023 ( We will start selling from Tuesday) (excluding some stores).
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/79052/263/resize/d79052-263-5460a08afb3d07c4583a-0.png&s3=79052-263-c866cc9946134af85c906a2be440eb60-401×254.png] At Komeri, we sell a “rechargeable sprayer” that is convenient for exterminating pests and weeds and watering. There are several types of atomizers, including spray type, manual type (accumulator type), electric type, and engine type.
This product is recommended for those who want to use a sprayer for home gardening, gardening, or garden maintenance, but there are so many types that they don’t know which one to choose.
■Recommended points of this product
1. Unlike spray-type or manual-type atomizers, it is electric, so there is no need to manually spray it.
You can work easily and efficiently without the need for force. 2. Electric atomizers are mainly battery-powered, but this product can be easily charged with a USB, so it is economical.
(Using 6 D batteries for a typical battery-powered atomizer of the same size). 3. It has a compact tank capacity of 4 liters, and because it is a shoulder type, it can be used by women as well.
It is easy to operate and can be sprayed with a single switch on the main unit. 4. When not in use, the cord and nozzle fit inside the main unit for neat storage.
5. It is an affordable price that can be realized because it is a Komeri original product, and it is a product with good cost
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/79052/263/resize/d79052-263-1ebd7a39aa20b3c9d044-0.png&s3=79052-263-49a7b58bf25bf4abb319c56b990e686a-834×519.png] ■ Fog adjustment method
You can switch between straight and diffusion by adjusting the nozzle tip.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/79052/263/resize/d79052-263-b6050de977011598f983-0.png&s3=79052-263-5111b2914850d40ed6ac587daee28814-336×176.png] ■ Product overview
“rechargeable sprayer”
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/79052/263/resize/d79052-263-5f7178ed6a117f371f5e-0.png&s3=79052-263-6d718b26978c8191529ac434a4531e23-250×217.png] ・Product size: (approximately) width 31 x depth 19.5 x height 27.5 cm ・Single item weight: about 1.15 kg
・Tank capacity: about 4L
・Atomization capacity: One head diffusion 240ml/min, straight 360ml/min ・Continuous work time: Approximately 120 minutes *Depends on the work environment.
・Sprayable capacity: about 30L
・Area that can be sprayed: Approximately 90 tsubo
・Charging time: about 180 minutes
・Accessories: USB cable, shoulder belt, tip nozzle set
・Price: 4,980 yen (tax included)
・ URL: https://www.komeri.com/disp/CKmSfGoodsPageMain_001.jsp?GOODS_NO=2110066&aaprid=230530 *Some products may not be available at some stores. In that case, it will be backordered.
Please check with your local store for details.
* Product prices and specifications are current at the time of publication and are subject to change.
■ Check store inventory before visiting
Product inventory is published on the online shopping site
“Komeri.com” (excluding some products). You can enjoy shopping smoothly by checking if the item is in stock before going to the store. In addition, it is also possible to reserve the products of each store from Komeri.com. Please use all means.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/79052/263/resize/d79052-263-88017c5534e216a392c2-0.jpg&s3=79052-263-3a894b776d3ef48eb49751113a80fc1d-423×215.jpg] ■ About “Breezy Green”
Breezy Green is a gardening and agricultural product that was born to support a rich life with greenery that brings a gentle breeze (breeze) to your life with flowers and greenery (green) in your garden or room. Komeri’s original brand.
Breezy “BREEZY” … gentle wind, breeze
Green “GREEN” … green (flower and green in a broad sense)
Click here for Breezy Green products
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/79052/263/resize/d79052-263-046e5cdb5244bb7c0b59-0.png&s3=79052-263-085d9b3ded676655dccad5703c2ac8eb-323×390.png] -About Komeri-
Let’s support local pros.
There are things that come into view when you walk more slowly than usual. That there are so many professionals in my hometown.
Komeri, who wants to be a lifeline for the community,
We will continue to support local professionals.
Because the activities of local professionals will revitalize Japan’s regions. We are a home center chain that develops stores with a wide product lineup centered on materials and building materials, hardware and tools, gardening and agricultural supplies, from professionals to homeowners. With our unique system and know-how, we are taking on the challenge of modernizing distribution with the goal of stably providing the products our customers need at affordable prices. Going forward, we will continue to strive to create stores that are customer-oriented, offer product lineups that reflect customer feedback, and provide customer service that pleases our customers, so that we can contribute to a rich and comfortable life.
Online shopping site Komeri.com https://www.komeri.com/top/CSfTop.jsp Official website https://www.komeri.bit.or.jp/
-Company Profile-
Company name: Komeri Co., Ltd.
Established: July 1962
Capital: 18,802 million yen
Representative: Yuichiro Nobu, President and Representative Director Head office location: 4501-1 Shimizu, Minami-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Business description: Chain store management such as Power and Hard & Green Stock listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
Number of stores: 1215 stores (as of April 30, 2023)
Hokkaido 25, Aomori 20, Iwate 39, Miyagi 36, Akita 38, Yamagata 27, Fukushima 53, Ibaraki 46, Tochigi 40, Gunma 41, Saitama 33, Chiba 52, Tokyo 10 , Kanagawa Prefecture 7, Niigata Prefecture 83, Toyama Prefecture 24, Ishikawa Prefecture 19, Fukui Prefecture 20, Yamanashi Prefecture 19, Nagano Prefecture 53, Gifu Prefecture 39, Shizuoka Prefecture 22, Aichi Prefecture 10, Mie Prefecture 48, Shiga Prefecture 28, Kyoto Prefecture 19, Osaka Prefecture 7, Hyogo Prefecture 30, Nara Prefecture 14, Wakayama Prefecture 20, Tottori Prefecture 12, Shimane Prefecture 8, Okayama Prefecture 29, Hiroshima Prefecture 21, Prefecture 16, Tokushima Prefecture 17, Kagawa Prefecture 10, Ehime Prefecture 10 , Kochi Prefecture 11, Fukuoka Prefecture 27, Saga Prefecture 14, Nagasaki Prefecture 17, Kumamoto Prefecture 40, Oita Prefecture 15, Miyazaki Prefecture 21, Kagoshima Prefecture 25
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/79052/263/resize/d79052-263-f5d41766007ed5bb62ee-0.png&s3=79052-263-88540e427985ce45e1a520ba02b7c733-639×127.png]

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