Kyo no Sake Co., Ltd. Sake brewery postcards have been included in set products for the sake 1-go bottle brand “Kyo no Sake”.

Kyono Sake Co., Ltd.
Started including a sake brewery postcard in the set product of the sake 1-go bottle brand “Kyo no Sake”.
-Delivering the scenery of each sake brewery with a postcard-
Today’s Sake Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Sawako Hamamichi, hereinafter referred to as “Today’s Sake”) is a post that contains the scenery of each sake brewery for all set products sold at the official online shop. I started packing cards. At the same time, we started pasting the set name sticker on the box of the set product.
[Image 1:×1221.jpg] We believe that sake gives us an opportunity to have a dialogue with ourselves, with someone important to us, and also with the land and climate of Japan. Through that dialogue, he makes us feel, “Today was a good day.”
This is what I have felt while working with Japanese sake every day. With that in mind, we have been delivering today’s sake to everyone, but we have started including sake brewery postcards and pasting set name stickers so that you can enhance this experience.
sake brewery postcard
In today’s sake, we have actually visited the sake breweries that we carry, and while touching the scenery and individuality of each, we have received the thoughts on sake.
In order to convey the thoughts of the sake brewery to everyone, we decided to pick up one of the photos that we have collected and include it as a postcard. We will send you a postcard of the sake brewery where each brand included in the set product was made together with the sake. (*Some sake breweries do not have corresponding sake brewery postcards.)
We hope that these postcards will serve as an opportunity for you to think about the sake breweries that make them, while enjoying sake. Sake brewery postcard types (14 types in total)
Nanbu Bijin / Itakura Sake Brewery / Tsuchida Sake Brewery / Oonagawa / Honda Shoten / Fumikiku Sake Brewery / Yaoshin Sake Brewery / Matsui Sake Brewery / Soho Sake Brewery / Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery / Hazama Sake Brewery / Kawakei Sake Brewery / Sagara Sake Brewery / Iwase Sake Brewery ( in no particular order)
Set name sticker
Today’s sake set product is a set that is carefully selected according to the scene and taste so that it is easy for people who don’t know how to choose or drink sake or who say it is difficult to explain about sake. I’m here.
When the alcohol arrives, we will start pasting the set name stickers so that you can see at a glance what the set contains.
Please use the name of the set as a trigger to create a moment to enjoy sake. Set list (12 types in total)
Enjoy with food/Enjoy lively with everyone/Enjoy a leisurely evening drink/Enjoy hot sake from room temperature/Enjoy the surprising personality/Enjoy the gorgeous aroma/To take a break/For dinner at home Snuggle up / Make sake lovers groan / For those unfamiliar with sake / Explore the breadth of taste / Set with all of today’s sake What is “Today’s Sake” – Towards a world where you can enjoy “just the right amount of sake” –
Today’s Sake is based on the brand concept of “a store specializing in 180ml bottles of Japanese sake that enriches the day”. It is the first ichigo bottle brand.
It was founded in November 2021 in response to voices such as “I can’t drink it all, so it’s hard to buy” and “I want to try various brands” so that you can enjoy sake close to you. In June 2022, we had a pre-sale on Makuake, and we achieved an amount that greatly exceeded the target. We would like to deliver “time to enrich today” by delivering the charm of various sake in a single bottle and making sake more familiar. And together with many sake breweries, I would like to create an opportunity to revitalize the sake industry.
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Today’s Sake Co., Ltd. Address: 2-13-19 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Official web page: Instagram: Twitter:
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