Kyowa Dengyo Co., Ltd. Released 195°C load cell

Kyowa Dengyo Co., Ltd.
Launched 195°C load cell

Kyowa Dengyo Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Yoshikazu Tanaka) will start selling LUXT-A, a compact high-temperature load cell for both tension and compression that can be used at high temperatures of 195°C, from May 24.
The LUXT-A can be used in a wide range of tests and measurements performed in high-temperature environments, such as safety evaluation tests for automotive batteries used in electric vehicles and materials tests for new materials.
[Image 1:×745.png] ▼Introduction page ■ Points
1. Supports 195°C
 Compared to the conventional product (150°C), the high temperature range has been expanded.
2. Significant miniaturization
The size is φ28 x 34 mm, and the height has been reduced by more than 20% and the diameter by more than 50% compared to conventional products.
3. Significant weight reduction
 The weight is about 80 g, which is about 90% lighter than
conventional products.
4. Tension/compression type
 Because it can measure forces in two directions, it can be used in a wide range of tests.
■ Comparison with our conventional products with the same capacity
[Image 2:×138.png] *1 Excluding cable *2 Conventional product
■ Applications
[Image 3:×1458.jpg] Automotive battery safety evaluation test
[Image 4:×1926.jpg] Material testing of new materials

Name: Compact high-temperature load cell for both tension and compression LUXT-A lineup
[Image 5:×129.png] ■ About Kyowa Dengyo
Kyowa Dengyo was the first to commercialize strain gauges in Japan (1951). Based on over 70 years of extensive experience and technology, our group develops and manufactures numerous high-performance strain gauges, sensors that use strain gauges as sensing elements, measuring instruments, and measurement systems. We respond to various
measurement needs of
Trade name: Kyowa Dengyo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshikazu Tanaka, President and CEO, Executive Officer Location: 3-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-8520
Established: June 1949
Business description: Stress measurement equipment in the field of experimental research for government offices, universities, private companies such as automobile manufacturers, etc.
manufacturing and sales. Manufacture and sale of industrial
instrumentation equipment in the industrial equipment and FA fields. Manufacture and sale of various civil engineering and construction measuring instruments for dams, bridges, tunnels, etc., as well as for urban civil engineering, ports, and oceans. Various measurement consulting services.
Capital: 1,723,990,000 yen
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