Kyushu Railway Co., Ltd. Announcement of “Ureshino Yadoya” “opening date” and “facility overview”

Kyushu Railway Company
“Ureshino Yadoya” Notice of “opening date” and “facility overview”
JR Kyushu Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; President: Machiko Hamada) will open “Ureshino Yadoya” in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture on October 1, 2023. Upon opening, we will start accepting accommodation reservations from June 1, 2023, so we will inform you about the outline of the facility.
[Image 1:×519.jpg] 1. Opening date
 Sunday, October 1, 2023
2. Reservation start date and reception method
From 10:00 on Thursday, June 1, 2023
(Reception period as of 6/1: until November 30, 2023)
We accept reservations on our website, various hotel reservation sites (, Jalan net, Rakuten Travel, Relux, etc.), or by phone. Official site:
Phone reservation: 0954-20-2188
– Reception hours – 10:00-17:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – except holidays -)
[Image 2:×111.png] -Opening plan-
To commemorate the opening, we will sell a special plan for a limited time, with a maximum discount of 5,000 yen per person from the basic plan. We are looking forward to your reservation.
Main building: “From 36,500 yen” Separate building: “From 81,900 yen” (2 people per room, dinner and breakfast included, per person, tax included)

3. About the facilities of “Ureshino Yadoya”
Location: 2400-30 Shimojuku Hei, Ureshino-cho, Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture (about 7 minutes by car from Ureshino Onsen Station) Description: Ureshino Onsen is home to “Ureshino tea”, which has been handed down since the Muromachi period and has a deep taste, and “Japan’s three major hot springs for beautiful skin” characterized by its thick spring quality. All guest rooms at Ureshino Yasohachi are equipped with 100% free-flowing hot springs. In order to fully enjoy the charm of Ureshino tea in various ways, we have prepared a tea ceremony by a dedicated tea master, a tea aroma roasting sauna, and a tea bar. In addition, we will welcome you with “the rich food of West Kyushu” carefully selected by the head chef over the course of a year, and the “space that expresses the value of the region” that
incorporates the crafts and climate of West Kyushu. . With the keywords of “hot springs and tea” and “West Kyushu”, we aim to be a hot spring inn where the mind and body of our guests are in harmony.
[Image 3:×1144.jpg] Appearance (image)
[Image 4:×693.jpg] Annex building connecting corridor (image)
[Room type] 36 rooms (24 rooms in the main building, 12 rooms in the annex)
[Image 5:×258.png]

“West Kyushu food” sticking to “88 kg”
If you draw a circle with Ureshino as the axis at 88 km, you can cover most of western Kyushu. Surrounded by the Genkai Sea and Ariake Sea, West Kyushu is surrounded by the rich nature of Saga beef, Takezaki crab, and Yobuko squid. You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine prepared with ingredients carefully selected by the head chef in a “prefix style*” that adds the “fun of choosing”. In addition, we are particular about the tableware that decorates the meal, such as Hizen Yoshida ware, Arita ware, and Imari ware, which are unique to the pottery village. * Prefix style: A system that allows you to freely combine your favorite menus from among several types of menus.
[Image 6:×949.png]
[Image 7:×826.png]

Spacious outbuilding guest rooms with a maximum size of 100 square meters, guest rooms with private saunas, and dog-friendly rooms The guest rooms in the annex are all suites with an area of
​​approximately 80 square meters or more. It is spacious enough for four adults to stay comfortably, and there are rooms with private saunas and rooms where you can stay with your dog. In addition, all rooms are all-inclusive*, so you can fully enjoy an extraordinary and elegant time without worrying about the cost during your stay. *All-inclusive means that food, drinks, and activity fees are included in the accommodation fee. (Excluding some paid products)
[Image 8:×2227.jpg] Detached building luxury suite (image)
[Image 9:×1010.jpg] Tea BAR (image)

Tea ceremony by exclusive tea master
Ureshino tea farmers Shuichi Kitano and Hiroshi Tanaka are invited as exclusive tea masters to fully enjoy the charm of Ureshino tea, which is Ureshino’s largest specialty product. Ureshino tea is characterized by its “sencha culture”. The tea master carefully raises the tea, and the tea master himself behaves with the most delicious brewing method according to the type of tea leaves, as sencha or rare kettle roasted tea. Please enjoy the luxurious experience unique to a teahouse. (Reservation required. Some accommodation plans are charged)
[Image 10:×2250.jpg ]
Tea ceremony (image)
[Image 11:×1062.jpg] Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka, Representative of “Tanaka Tea Factory”
All guest rooms are equipped with airweave and eco-amenities Airweave mattresses and pillows, which have a reputation for providing a high-quality sleeping environment, are used in all guest rooms. From the perspective of SDGs, we select recyclable and environmentally friendly bedding and amenities.
[Image 12:×720.jpg]

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