Lagzas Co., Ltd. Carnext has decided to sponsor “King of Conte 2023” as the title sponsor for the third consecutive year!

Laxus Co., Ltd.
Carnext will be a special sponsor for “King of Conte 2023” for the third consecutive year!
-Efforts of the Laxus Group to support “those who take on challenges” and “those who pursue their dreams”-

The “Carnext” online-only used car purchase service provided by the group of Laxus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka / President: Ikujiro Fukushige, hereinafter referred to as the Company) will be held in the fall of 2023. At Conte 2023 (sponsored and operated by the “King of Conte 2023” secretariat, TBS), we have decided to special support as the title sponsor for the third consecutive year, following last year and last year.
As a result, the name of this event will be “Car Next Presents King of Conte 2023”.
[Image 1:×1535.png] Background of appointment as a special sponsor
The mission of the Laxus Group is “CREATE THE FUTURE”
We continue to take on the challenge of creating the future by innovating through our business activities. In addition, we are also actively engaged in activities to support and support “those who take on challenges” and “those who pursue their dreams.”
Since 2021, we have been supporting the competition and participating entertainers as a special sponsor of King of Conte. In the past two competitions, comedians aiming to become the best comedians in Japan delivered laughter, tears, and excitement throughout Japan, and we were impressed by their strength. This year, the 16th tournament will be held. Through the special sponsorship of King of Conte for the third consecutive year, the year before last, we delivered “dreams”, “courage” and “hope” to many people, and the whole of Japan was surrounded by laughter, making the tournament a grand success. We have decided to support you as a special sponsor.
CarNext Presents King of Conte 2023 Overview
“King of Conte” is the highest peak competition in Japan where people from all over the country aiming for “the best conte in Japan” will have a comedy battle, regardless of whether they are professionals, amateurs, or entertainers. It is a comedy contest that decides the pinnacle of martial arts. The number of participants increased significantly from 2,063 pairs in the first tournament to 3,018 pairs in the 15th tournament last year, demonstrating its popularity. It was the Biscuit Brothers who won the 15th King at the tournament last year. Even before the day of the finals, the first round, second round, quarter-finals, and semi-finals will be held in intense qualifying. Which group will win the rugged road and win the final ticket? ? Which group will stand at the top of conte martial arts and get the 16th generation king and the winning prize of 10 million yen! ?
Broadcast time: Live broadcast on TBS series in the fall of 2023 (planned) Broadcasting station: TBS series
About Carnext
Carnext is an online purchase service for used cars that can be completed online.
Since it is possible to complete the contract on the Internet, unlike conventional services, the cost of operating the store is cut by managing the asset without owning a physical store, and the purchase price is returned to the user.This is a highly unique service. is expanding. From 2021, we will start broadcasting TV commercials with Nao Asahi as an image character. We are also actively engaged in sponsorship activities, such as special sponsorship as the title sponsor of “Carnext 2023 World Baseball Classic (TM) Tokyo Pool”. About Laxus Inc.
[Image 2:×108.png] Based on our mission of “creating a future that is not here now”, we are developing an Internet platform business and media business that will become a “new marketplace that changes the industry structure”, and “creating new value”. As an IT company that focuses on creating new products and making people involved happy, we aim to continuously improve corporate value in a variety of businesses.
-Company Profile-
・Company name: Laxus Co., Ltd. *Transition to a holding company structure on November 1, 2022
・Representative: Ikujiro Fukushige, President and Representative Director ・Head office location: 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Grand Front Osaka Tower B 18th floor
・ Business: Internet platform business and media business
-List of services provided by the Laxus Group-
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