Lancers, the fourth use of ChatGPT API! Support for creating proposals for applying for jobs with AI

Lancers Co., Ltd.
Lancers, the fourth use of ChatGPT API! Support for creating proposals for applying for jobs with AI
-Create effective matching by correcting and reviewing proposals with AI-
Lancers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yosuke Akiyoshi, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth: 4484, hereinafter “Lancers”) uses the ChatGPT API on the freelance matching platform “Lancers”, Lancers (*) has released a function to correct and review proposals when applying for jobs with AI.
With the release of this function, we support the creation of effective proposals that appeal to your skills.
[Image 1:×736.png] (*) At Lancers, freelancers registered with “Lancers” are collectively called “Lancers”.
■ Background of the release of the function that AI corrects and reviews work proposals
While operating the freelance matching platform “Lancers”, we received feedback from the person in charge of the ordering company that “We cannot collect proposals that match the recruitment project”. On the other hand, some lancers have skills that match the job they are recruiting for, but they are not good at writing proposals that appeal to their skills, or they do not want to spend a lot of time writing proposals. Some people think.
With this function, lancers can effectively appeal their own experience and skills, and ordering companies can find lancers they want to ask for work from among a large number of high-quality proposals that match the content of the recruitment. We hope that we can create effective matching because we can do it.
■ Function image and usage
This function uses the ChatGPT API to analyze the proposal text by AI and make improvement proposals that complement the differences between the details of the work and the proposal text.
Currently in the experimental stage, it is effective only for projects of companies that solicit publication requests for the first time after registration, and is limited to publication requests in the writing category, which has the highest number of Lancer registration skills and ordering needs. Based on the feedback from users, we will consider future development and expansion to other categories. -Function image-
If you enter more than 100 characters of a proposal and press the “AI review of content (beta version)” button, AI will correct and review it.
▼ Image image
[Image 2:×952.png] ▼ Click here for the image video
[Video 2:] *This function is limited to Lancers who have completed the identity verification specified by “Lancers”.
*There is a limit of one use per day per user.
▼Usage examples of ChatGPT API in various services of Lancers Group So far, we have developed functions for “MENTA”, a mentor matching service that allows you to directly consult with various
professionals, and “Lancers Digital Academy”, a high-skill digital human resource development service.
1st release: MENTA releases a function that assists the creation of a listing plan for a mentor (teaching side)
2nd: MENTA Releases Skill Up LINE App “Tell Me, MENTA-kun” for People Who Want to Learn
3rd: Lancers Digital Academy Releases “AI Learning Supporter” Function for Students
We are also promoting the internal use of ChatGPT API, and from February 2023, by utilizing ChatGPT API for internal communication tools, verification will be performed in routine operations such as programming assistant and generation of emails and reply to inquiries. Also, in the agent business, we are implementing initiatives to automatically extract keywords with high accuracy from job information to improve work efficiency and matching accuracy.
In the future, Lancers will continue to use AI technology and release new functions to improve matching accuracy, aiming for a safer and easier-to-use platform.
■ About Lancers Co., Ltd.
Lancers (TSE Growth: 4484) operates an ordering platform that matches individuals and companies online with the mission of “individual empowerment”. By providing new ways of working that utilize
technology, we will transform the lifestyles and ways of working of individuals, and contribute to the creation of a better and more prosperous society where as many individuals as possible can find their work rewarding. In addition, by appropriately matching with over 1.5 million freelancers, we contribute to the challenges of corporate personnel shortages, productivity improvement, and promotion of DX, and promote innovation and technological innovation by utilizing external human resources.
■ A market where you can ask professionals directly “Lancers”
■ Introducing high-skilled IT freelancers “Lancers Agent”
■Professionals On Demand, a matching service for companies and freelance consultants
■ “Lancers Digital Academy”, a high-skill digital human resource development service that can be learned in the Metaverse
■ Online mentor service “MENTA”
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