Launch of “MovieInfluence” to create new stories with people involved in video Production of movies-oriented video works, approaching the charm with a documentary touch, collaboration with influencers who are familiar with video

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[Launch of “MovieInfluence” to create new stories with people involved in video] Production of movies-oriented video works, approaching the charm with a documentary touch, collaboration with influencers who are familiar with video
Collaboration with movie director Hiroki Inoue
On May 4, 2023 (Wednesday), Media Incubate Co., Ltd. announced that it has started offering “MovieInfluence”, a service that delivers new stories to companies and individuals with people in the video industry.
“MovieInfluence” is a service that provides new stories to companies and individuals in collaboration with film directors, film-related people, and influencers. At times, we create video works that are conscious of movies, and sometimes approach the charm with a documentary touch. In addition, collaboration with influencers familiar with video will lead to effective targeting and the creation of new opportunities.
Furthermore, with this service, it is possible to consistently support a series of processes from video production proposals that meet the needs of companies and individuals to shooting, editing, and publishing.
“MovieInfluence” provides new value and creates business opportunities through video. Media Incubate will continue to contribute to the development of society by developing services and businesses that meet the rapidly changing times.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Our “MovieInfluence” is a service specializing in video production, and aims to deliver new stories to companies and individuals together with movie directors, video professionals, and influencers. In video production, there are times when we approach the appeal of creating video works that are conscious of movies or with a documentary touch, but through such production methods, we can maximize the appeal of companies and individuals and create new business opportunities. is possible.
In “MovieInfluence”, working with influencers who have knowledge of video can lead to the appropriate delivery to the desired users and the creation of new opportunities. In addition to business, we are also focusing on video production that addresses issues such as social and environmental issues. Contributing to society through video also has social significance.
Media Incubate has contributed to the business expansion of companies and creators through services that specialize in video production. Going forward, we aim to contribute to the development of society by developing services and businesses that meet the rapidly changing times. As part of this, “MovieInfluence” aims to provide new value and create business opportunities through video production.
“MovieInfluence” is recommended for companies and individuals who want to create new business opportunities using video. Specifically, it can be used by the following customers.
Companies that want to visualize the appeal of their brands and products Companies that want to use video to explain their services and products Companies that want to produce promotional videos for events and campaigns Companies considering marketing through collaboration with influencers Creators involved in film and documentary production
It is also recommended for companies that value storytelling through video and for individuals who are trying to create new businesses. “MovieInfluence” is a service that can provide customers with high added value in the fields of video production and influencer marketing. In today’s society, where the demand for video and influencer marketing is rapidly increasing, it can be said that “MovieInfluence” has high growth potential.
In particular, “MovieInfluence” can provide great value for companies that are required to enhance their brand image or convey the appeal of their products and services through video. In addition, in influencer marketing, where the use of SNS is indispensable, innovative promotion methods using video are required, and demand for “MovieInfluence” is expected to increase.
Furthermore, in the future, it is expected that video production and marketing that incorporate new technologies such as VR and AR will be required. It is expected that “MovieInfluence” will respond to these new technologies and expand the services it provides, increasing its competitiveness in the market and achieving growth.
The sponsorship menu that “MovieInfluence” seeks includes the following. Introduction and provision of influencers and human resources involved in video production (supplementary support for in-house production teams of client companies, etc.)
Joint hosting of events and seminars (movie and documentary
screenings, video production workshops, video production lectures, etc.)
Provision of equipment and facilities necessary for video production Providing technology and know-how related to video production Sponsorship of movie screenings and premium events
Cooperation and sponsorship of video production
In addition, since companies and organizations can express and disseminate the appeal of their company, products, and services with video, it can also be used for their own advertising and advertising. By using “MovieInfluence” as part of corporate branding and marketing strategies, new business opportunities and market expansion can be expected.
The following are conceivable forms of cooperation and sponsorship for video production that “MovieInfluence” seeks.
Video production advice and support
Production support for video production and technical cooperation Sponsorship of screenings in movie theaters and theaters, and distribution of video content
video production sponsorship
Media exposure and PR support for video production
In particular, screenings at movie theaters and theaters, as well as sponsorships for the distribution of video content, will play an important role in bringing the video content provided by
“MovieInfluence” to a large number of people. Advice, support, and sponsorships related to video production will also be extremely beneficial to people and companies involved in video production in creating new business opportunities.
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] Media Incubate Co., Ltd. is a company that realizes business creation by creating a place where support gathers and media creation where support gathers. We are developing various businesses with the theme of the future of children, the future of media, and the future of sports through careers.
B2B influencer support service “MovieInfluence” is one of the representative services we provide. We specialize in influencer marketing, and have received support from many domestic and
international clients. “MovieInfluence” is a B2B influencer support service that specializes in advertising and marketing, with a focus on video, and provides customized promotion plans that meet the business challenges of our clients.
We are also developing a business that specializes in sports-related influencer marketing called “SportsInfluence”
( increase. Influencers are also attracting attention in the sports world, and we are creating new business opportunities in the sports market by providing promotional support and product promotions for athletes, trainers, and athletes.
In addition, we have introduced the “Children’s Future Supporter System” and are working to support the healthy growth and education of children. It is a system that allows individuals and corporations who sympathize with our services and businesses to make donations to support the future of children.
As an incubation company specializing in media, we aim to create places and media to gather support and create new business
opportunities through them. We will continue to contribute to the development of society by developing services and businesses that meet the rapidly changing times.
[Image 3:×696.png] Please feel free to contact us by any of the following methods, which is convenient for you. ■LINE:■E-mail: We would like to have interviews and exchanges as needed to find out what is good about each other. It’s just a start, and I’d be happy if we could do something together. I would like to support the activities that everyone has in mind, gather friends, collect money, and expand activities.
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