Learn from guest cases and consultants’ recommendations on how to strategically invest in human resources and or ganizations and transform organizational structures! “Organizational Structural Reform Forum: Organizational Design to Promote Business St

Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
Learn from guest cases and consultants’ recommendations on how to strategically invest in human resources and organizations and transform organizational structures! “Organizational Structural Reform Forum: Organizational Design to Promote Business Strategy – What is an Organization that Raises Wages and Improves Productivity?”
May 25, 2023 (Thursday) 13:00-15:45 Free webinar / Missed delivery available for applicants only URL: https://bit.ly/42f6dvR

Tanabe Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, President: Takahiko Wakamatsu), a pioneer in Japanese management consulting, will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2023 from 13:00 to 15:45. We will hold a free webinar “Organizational Structure Transformation Forum Organizational Design that Promotes Business Strategy – What is an Organization that Raises Wages and Improves Productivity?”
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/58707/131/resize/d58707-131-eed26f6a9ef7bf98343e-0.jpg&s3=58707-131-0db40a22bc19a8b3f98928aa8c4e4b02-1280×670.jpg] According to the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, the average wage increase rate in 2023 will reach a high level of 3.69%. You can see that many companies have raised wages this spring. Companies need to view wage increases not as an increase in costs, but as a strategic investment in human resources and organizations.
In addition, in a survey we conducted last year, approximately 40% of companies responded that they had “plans and visions in place but were not able to implement them.” Among the companies that have not been able to promote their strategies, there are many that simply assign roles to existing organizations after formulating strategies and do not change their organizations. However, there are cases where the existing organization is distorted and productivity is declining. At this forum, Mr. Takashi Ueda, Chairman and CEO of Sanoyas Holdings Co., Ltd., and Mr. Hideki Yamamoto, former representative of the Japan Liaison Office of Minerva University and current representative of AMS LLC, will give lectures as special guests. In addition, Tanabe Consulting’s top consultant on how to increase productivity by reforming the organizational structure, such as organizational restructuring to promote business strategies, middleization of indirect departments, investment in intangible assets, and planning of corporate functions. will make a proposal.
We would appreciate it if you could use it as a help in resolving issues to lead your company to growth.
■ Guest companies
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/58707/131/resize/d58707-131-adbca9b3b48e9f1da507-1.jpg&s3=58707-131-60e711ab23e0d744393c353fd3aa96e9-2020×2364.jpg] Mr. Takashi Ueda, Chairman and Representative Director of Sanoyas Holdings Co., Ltd.
Graduated from Kobe University in Economics. In the same year, he joined Sumitomo Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), and in 2005 he became Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of the Osaka Head Office Sales Division. In 2009, Akimasa Sanoyas Hisino (currently Sanoyas Holdings) President, Sanoyas Holdings Co., Ltd. President in 2011, and Chairman in 2021. Born in Hyogo
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/58707/131/resize/d58707-131-f934ddea757f570de3dd-2.jpg&s3=58707-131-7fc093a7cf3337336ba8900c942f6bfb-2020×2364.jpg] Mr. Hideki Yamamoto, Representative of AMS LLC
After graduating from university, he was in charge of developing new applications for high-performance fibers at Toray Industries, Inc. 2008 Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Cambridge. After that, he worked at Booz & Company (currently PwC Strategy&) before joining Sumitomo 3M Co., Ltd. (currently 3M Japan). Established AMS LLC in 2014. In parallel with supporting customer development for high-performance chemical materials, served as representative of Minerva University Japan Liaison Office from 2015 to 2017. of curriculum reform support.
■ Tanabe Consulting employee
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/58707/131/resize/d58707-131-3ed840a4de28018cef7f-3.jpg&s3=58707-131-b55d80dc6cdfcd0ef68b1a15df065112-2020×2364.jpg] Tanabe Consulting Co., Ltd.
Daisuke Doi Executive Officer Strategy & Domain Consulting Division Joined our company after working for a major system equipment trading company. He has a track record of building medium- to long-term visions and business strategies in multiple industries such as manufacturing, wholesale, temporary staffing, logistics, and construction. Emphasizing “who will do it” as well as “what to do”, we specialize in consistent support from organizational restructuring to redesigning mechanisms and rules. He values ​​decision-making with the creed of “deciding what not to do”. He also established the Logistics Management Study Group with the idea that “logistics support the world.”
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/58707/131/resize/d58707-131-755fa92d1e5ad0a6597d-4.jpg&s3=58707-131-67d83ab7b9a0ffd04357ad1144711123-2020×2364.jpg] Tanabe Consulting Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Strategy & Domain Consulting Division Ryuta Ishimaru Joined our company after over 10 years of sales experience at a financial institution. He specializes in “creating a future growth path” by building visions, medium-term management plans, and business strategies based on changes in future market scenarios for the growth of clients. In addition, in the field, we promote the creation of a strong company and employees that are independent and self-reliant, and are involved in many client growth support.
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/58707/131/resize/d58707-131-5630f81c7afa70da4840-5.jpg&s3=58707-131-2a1ea9744ce56661e6d2faaae7ed6a2f-2020×2364.jpg] Tanabe Consulting Co., Ltd.
Corporate Finance Consulting Division
Executive Partner Hiroaki Hamaoka
With a consulting style that accepts the aspirations of managers, he has a reputation for problem-solving consulting by function and symptom, such as holding establishment support, group management system construction, business succession plan formulation, and corporate revitalization. In addition, he has been involved in numerous system designs for the construction of organizational management systems and training of successors and executives, and has a track record.
“Organizational Structural Reform Forum: Organizational Design to Promote Business Strategy – What is an Organization That Raises Wages and Improves Productivity?” Overview
Date: May 25, 2023 (Thursday) 13:00-15:45
■ Attendance method: Live distribution by Zoom (online seminar) ■ Participation fee: Free
■ How to apply: Please apply using the application form on the special site below.
■ Missed delivery: Yes
Application deadline: May 25, 2023 (Thursday) 12:00
・No need to visit
・ Real-time delivery
・Customers are responsible for communication charges
・Please watch in a place with good radio waves where high-speed communication is possible, such as a Wi-Fi environment.
・We do not accept applications from other companies.
■ Program
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/58707/table/131_1_9d90b8ea6caf7ac2d6692bbe60a684d9.jpg ]
*This is the current program. Please note that there may be some changes. Overview of Tanabe Consulting Group Co., Ltd.
■ About Tanabe Consulting Group (TCG)
Founded in 1957, TCG is a pioneer in Japanese management consulting that has been in business for over 60 years. Based on the management philosophy of “Love the company, walk together with the company, and serve for the prosperity of the company”, our mission is to create a “first call company, the company that will be the first choice for the next 100 years”.
With 660 professional human resources in the group, we have a track record of supporting about 17,000 companies from large companies to medium-sized companies as a “partner of managers and leaders.” In the area of ​​management consulting, from strategy formulation support (upstream process) to on-site implementation and operation support (midstream to downstream processes) that make full use of digital technology, we provide a nationwide management consulting value chain that can provide end-to-end support for corporate management. Built locally.
In terms of consulting style, based on a thorough client-centered principle of “Client Success – Everything is for the success of the client,” we employ multiple professional consultants according to the management issues of each company through the management consulting value chain. We are promoting “team consulting” in which we select and form a team.
-Management consulting value chain-
・Strategy & Domain
・Corporate finance
・Brand & PR
・ Regions (10 regions nationwide: Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Naha)
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