Learning Chinese through dramas ~From watching dramas to watching dramas to learn~

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[Learning Chinese through dramas] ~From watching dramas to watching dramas to learn~
Japan’s first! -Learning Taipa language in about 1 minute with drama video-
Best-selling author: Kaiwan’s drama as teaching material!
Learning Chinese while having fun ~Project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China~
A total of 120 scenes to learn from videos linked to YouTube that can also be used by inbound visitors.
May 12, 2023 Sold on Amazon Kindle e-book Size: B6 version 157 pages
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/108852/4/resize/d108852-4-da13afcd588f0673051e-0.jpg&s3=108852-4-4408dab82b9971dda9f930c7350bfd5f-1899×2700.jpg] -Three elements of attention-
Attention (1) Learning with high-quality dramas
Although the drama that becomes the teaching material is a classic drama “Five Star Hotel ~ Five Star Hotel ~”, which was awarded the highest bid for a modern drama by CCTV in China at the time
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/108852/4/resize/d108852-4-acfa371c8ac514d00a02-1.jpg&s3=108852-4-453f1b3f4c709233a2ef828b2bb24677-1920×1080.jpg] -story-
Pan Yulong, a hard-working student who came to the big city, Silver Sea, with the dream of becoming a hotelier at a five-star hotel. At the apartment she moved to, she met Tan Doutou, the leader of the dance group “Shinjitsu”, and they became close friends. After taking a leave of absence from school and just starting to work at the Manjo Hotel, Yulong is appointed as a butler by Kim Ji-ae, who became chairman of Korea’s big company, Age Group at a young age. Jie opens up to his sincere service, but… Depicts the process by which young people of today grow up in the complex realities of society, sometimes losing sight of the “truth” and becoming frustrated.
[Video 5: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSMkU-4zKPc] Attention (2) Learn with drama videos linked to YouTube
The teaching materials are YouTube videos, so you can easily watch them from your smartphone.
Also used for inbound measures
Full of language learning scenes that can correspond to customers in Greater China
[Please take a good rest]
[Video 6: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=f02UkI6uK1Q] [Then accounting]
[Video 7: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifn8MrPxTR4] [Would you like to try Chinese food as well?]
[Video 8: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRWORgTxvhI] Attention (3) Learning in about 1 minute Typa learning
One lesson can be started in about 1 minute without difficulty, making it ideal for commuting to work or school, or for small lessons before going to sleep.
You can learn the language with your eyes and ears by partially watching 120 scenes of 1 minute learning videos carefully selected from dramas. Set the pronunciation time while looking at the text. The book also includes example sentences in related languages, so you can also learn how to apply it at the same time.
In addition, you can enjoy the feeling of watching a drama as you progress while understanding the drama conversations from episodes 1 to 30.
Drama is also acclaimed delivery!
The final picture of the entire drama is being distributed at the following distribution companies. Please enjoy watching.
amazon prime video
https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/video/detail/B0B684J1X2/ref=atv_dl_rdr?autoplay=1 Hulu
https://www.hulu.jp/watch/100131004?service=hulu&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hulu.jp%2Fwatch%2F100131004 video market
https://video.dmkt-sp.jp/ti/10080623/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Ffivestar55.com%2F Fuji TV On Demand FOD
-Product information-
Learning Chinese through drama ~Drama to watch to learn from watching drama~
[Kindle books (e-books)]
https://www.amazon.co.jp/kindle-dbs/storefront?storeType=browse&node=2275256051 [Author] Japan-China Diplomatic 50th Anniversary Project
[Price] 1,100 yen (tax included)
[Size] B6 size, 157 pages
Kindle version (learning video material → QR code)
PDF version (learning video material → direct link
[Educational video] 120 scenes released on YouTube ASIA GO TV @55fivestarhotel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChmXmbkXNBXzVAfx5dUyryg
Drama 1 scene → Japanese → Chinese pronunciation (slow pronunciation: normal pronunciation)
[Project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China]
Producer: Hiromi Matsunaga Planning: Tomonori Shimizu
-Study book-Sho Yasuda Noriko Kanehira Shinei -Illustration-Karafoo Gabriel Leon

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