Legaseed Co., Ltd. 54.5% of first-year university students answered that they started job hunting by the second year of university. What are the real voices of university students on their job hunting activities?

Legaseed Co., Ltd.
54.5% of first-year university students answered that they started job hunting by the second year of university. What are the real voices of university students on their job hunting activities?

Legaseed Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yoshiyasu Kondo, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo), which provides consulting for organizational transformation, welcomed Kennosuke Tanaka, a professor at the Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University, as a special advisor, and will join the faculty in April 2023. I took the stage at a lecture for first-year university students.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/56949/84/resize/d56949-84-ed6144c8d57fa966833c-0.png&s3=56949-84-17ba4108c935dbb597ccdc251136217b-1212×530.png] Lecture on “How to create a university life without regrets” for first-year university students
Yoshiyasu Kondo, CEO of Legaseed Co., Ltd., took the podium for the class. He spent about an hour giving a lecture on what he should experience in preparation for going out into society during his limited four-year university life.
A first-year student who has been in college for two weeks. It’s time to finish your exams and start a new campus life. After the class, we received many favorable comments from students who were planning to spend their free time in university life such as doing part-time jobs or participating in club activities.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/56949/84/resize/d56949-84-36879702097a6d7b17ab-1.jpg&s3=56949-84-6c3357e81d5e084b16b79bcdc7bca9fd-1118×529.jpg] “Until now, I only had a vague image of my future, especially my work. When I saw him, I felt strongly that I wanted to find something that would make me feel worthwhile.In order to find something that makes me feel worthwhile and to feel happy, I was able to learn an important attitude. I want to put it into practice as soon as possible.” “When I became a first year university student, I was very worried about what I should do now after quitting the club activities that I had continued in junior high and high school. It was really inspiring to hear today’s lecture at this real-time timing.” (Participation excerpt from the voice of the person)
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/56949/84/resize/d56949-84-99b2c68330068afedcf1-2.jpg&s3=56949-84-42d3678ed37b0db3fbc9df91e3bfa715-721×541.jpg]
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/56949/84/resize/d56949-84-21960b5821cd00ad9922-3.jpg&s3=56949-84-c5ec791df2faf2e2a5e885558740a3c6-721×541.jpg] “I’m worried about getting a job offer” A glimpse of the college student’s truth from the questionnaire
After the class, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 291 university students. 83.3% of students answered that they feel uneasy about job hunting.
-Tell us why you feel uneasy about job hunting-
1st place: I’m worried about getting a job offer (63.4%)
2nd place: I’m worried about getting a job offer from a company that suits me (56.6%)
3rd place: I don’t know what job I want to do (48.0%)
– When do you plan to start job hunting? –
University freshman: 16.4%
University sophomore: 38.1%
Third year university students: 43.4%
-What are you trying to do for your future job hunting? –
1st place: Self-analysis (68.6%)
2nd place: Applying for and participating in short-term internships (65.7%) 3rd place: Application/participation in long-term internship (53.7%) -What criteria do you use to select interns? –
1st place: To know the industry (69.7%)
2nd place: To acquire skills (61.3%)
3rd place: To communicate with working adults (51.8%)
To acquire the skills to obtain a job offer, and to find a company that suits you through self-analysis and obtain a job offer, two points are emphasized. I understand that you would like to apply and participate. 54.5% of first-year students answered that they would start looking for a job by the second year of university. We expect that the percentage of first-year students who participate in internships will increase even more as job-hunting activities are becoming more prevalent.
For job hunting to identify companies that suit / do not suit you through practical work
We operate the long-term intern recruitment platform “Infra Intern” (https://www.in-fra.jp/long-internship), and we are looking for students and companies who want long-term and paid internships at companies from the lower grades of university. We are matching. Choosing an industry or job type in job hunting is not just
aspirational, but it is important to have the conviction that it is a “suit” for you based on your own experience, and to acquire the skills that will enable you to perform your duties as an immediate force during your student days. I believe that long-term internships are effective based on what I can do and the points above.
In fact, 30% of the more than 12,000 registered Infra interns each year are first- and second-year university students. By doing long-term internships instead of part-time jobs for 2 to 5 days a week, some students gain more real-world experience, refine their practical skills, and prepare for job hunting and starting a business. Students who start job hunting very early, have a high desire to work, and tend to perform well in a variety of tasks.
For companies as well, by contacting the very early stage who take action from the first year of university and acquiring high-performing students through new graduate recruitment while experiencing the actual work of the company, they can experience the work before joining the company, and the early stage It is possible to increase the strength of In recent years, the number of companies accepting long-term interns for the purpose of recruiting new graduates has increased as part of their recruitment activities for “homegrown human resources.”
At our company, more than half of our 2024 graduates are currently getting job offers via long-term internships. Since they have a long period of practical experience and engaged in company events and daily work, it is possible to use it to prevent gaps after job offers and joining the company, and it has a positive effect on retention after joining the company compared to the conventional short-term selection. It is a method of recruitment.
Through long-term internships, more university students can find the jobs they want to do, acquire the ability to choose companies that suit them, and more companies can hire students who are active in their companies. We will challenge career education for students. [Regarding the request to our company]
We hold seminars and workshops on student job hunting, career development, and team building for circles and organizations. ・How to create a happy life by turning your choices into correct answers ・ Essential way to proceed with job hunting [Legas2 Co., Ltd.] ・Business skill improvement seminar (communication skills, project management skills, etc.)
Please feel free to contact us as we will implement the theme according to your request.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Legaseed Co., Ltd.
Established: November 11, 2013
Head office location: 24F Shinagawa Grand Central Tower, 2-16-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075
TEL: 03-6433-1288
Representative name: Yoshiyasu Kondo
Business description: Recruitment consulting business, education and training business, management support business,
Platform business for students, HRTech business, office concept design business [What is Legaseed Co., Ltd.]
Established in 2013, Legaseed Co., Ltd. is a company that provides management and organizational consulting, mainly focusing on recruiting new graduates for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to gaming simulations and action learning, more than 600 companies nationwide have introduced human resource recruitment and human resource development mechanisms using the recruitment ATS “miryo+” to attract students. More than 70,000 people have taken the training courses. In addition, although Legaseed is a small and medium-sized company, it won the overall ranking of “10th place” in the “2021 graduate popular company ranking for interns” survey of prospective students of “Rakuten Minshu Job Hunting Diary”. We have about 17,000 applications for new graduates every year.
[What is Infra Intern]
Long-term intern recruitment platform operated by Legaseed Co., Ltd. Since 2015, we have specialized in recruiting long-term interns, and the cumulative number of registered students has exceeded 65,000. More than 50% of registrants are students of top universities with G-MARCH or higher, and more than 30% of students register before the second year of university, in order to hit the top with search words such as “long-term internship” and “paid internship”. We have a database of highly career-conscious students.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/56949/84/resize/d56949-84-51aff0fd196dc2efd8e1-4.png&s3=56949-84-f1e37d69975ab2bdf217fc4074a30aef-519×221.png] (Contact URL: https://www.in-fra.jp/pages/contact-for-corp)
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