Liddell 8th anniversary In commemoration of the 8th anniversary of the influencer marketing pioneer “SPIRIT ”, the 80-person request pack is 50% off! Offered at half the super special price!

[8th anniversary] In commemoration of the 8th anniversary of the influencer marketing pioneer “SPIRIT”, the 80-person request pack is 50% off! Offered at half the super special price!
Holding a campaign to appreciate the underlying strength of a long-established platform

LIDDELL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koichi Fukuda, hereinafter Liddell), which develops SNS and influencer marketing business, commemorates the 8th anniversary of the influencer matching platform “SPIRIT”. We will offer the influencer tie-up cost of 3 million yen at half price of 1.5 million yen. Out of 30,000 registered influencers, matching with 80 people with
particularly high heat! We will hold a campaign where you can request tie-up posts from influencers who are high in quality and feel secure. Click here for inquiries and applications:
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Good quality, clarity, safety/reliability
3 features of influencer marketing pioneer “SPIRIT”
[Good quality] You can understand the reason for applying for the influencer, so there is no mismatch and the amount of heat is high! “SPIRIT” is an open recruitment type. Influencers apply themselves by describing their enthusiasm (application comments). You can get motivated to support your product before adoption, and you can prevent mismatches. Whether it is a fan or a long-time user, you can see the high level of enthusiasm of the applicant (influencer) who says, “I want you to do PR for me.” Many people say that there was an unexpected encounter.
[Clarity] From candidate data to post-implementation reports! It is possible to build a PDCA cycle based on the evidence. In addition to the candidate influencer’s number of followers, male/female ratio, place of residence, age group, number/rate of engagement, the number of times the influencer has been adopted by the client, evaluation, etc. can be confirmed before hiring. A post-implementation report is also provided. We convert the influence of influencers into data (numerical values) and build a PDCA cycle.
[Safety/Peace of mind] Support by staff who are familiar with stemma and fire prevention! We have cooperated with the Consumer Affairs Agency’s “Stema Study Group”. Liddell’s registered influencers have passed a rigorous screening process, and 30,000 people have passed their own “influencer test”. It has a reputation for building a system for thorough compliance and educating staff and influencers. Our expert staff will fully support you until the implementation is complete, so you can leave it to us.
30,000 registered influencers in the eight years since its launch. We have over 6,000 business partners.
“SPIRIT”, a matching platform for influencers and companies that want to ask influencers to do PR/tie-up posts, was launched on May 13, 2015, the year after the Japanese version of Instagram was released in 2014. started offering. As a pioneer of influencer marketing in Japan, while establishing a business model, we have supported corporate marketing and communication measures as a platform that can assign highly passionate influencers in an open recruitment format. We have over 6,000 business partners. With 30,000 registered influencers, it has grown into one of the largest services in Japan in terms of history and achievements.
In addition, in order to contribute to the health and revitalization of the influencer industry, we are also working to develop quality influencers, including systematic education on skills and morals for individual influencers.
A long-established SNS / influencer marketing company offers with gratitude so far
“SPIRIT” “8th Anniversary Great Appreciation Campaign”
In addition to matching on the platform, experienced staff will support your influencer measures. Eliminate the lack of resources and experience, and accompany you until you get satisfactory results. 《8th Anniversary Great Appreciation Campaign》Details
Only now! special offer. “Influencer 80 name request pack” We usually offer 3 million yen for 1.5 million yen (excluding tax), 50% off. Period: Tuesday, May 9, 2023 to Thursday, June 30, 2023
Target: Corporate companies that applied during the period
Price: 1.5 million (excluding tax) *Regular price 3 million
Request PR posts on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok by influencers Request timing for 80 influencers is OK for half a year from application support:
Recruitment overview creation support
Influencer selection support
Direction until submission completion
Quick post report
Remarks: Other detailed conditions for influencer requests will be explained separately.
Click here for inquiries and applications:
As a pioneering company in SNS and influencer marketing, Liddell will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the economy by leveraging its accumulated knowledge and constantly updating it to support the transmission of the true value of influencers and the creator economy. Please feel free to contact us.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Liddell Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Nuki

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