Limited company Distribution starts as soon as the theater release! ! The movie “Silent Don” starring Kentaro Ito will be available exclusively for unlimited viewing on DMM TV!

Distribution starts as soon as the theatrical release! ! The movie “Silent Don” starring Kentaro Ito will be available exclusively for unlimited viewing on DMM TV!
~ Masterpiece of yakuza manga revives in Reiwa ~

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On “DMM TV”, the first and second parts of the movie “Silent Don” will be distributed as a DMM TV special edition of 8 episodes every Thursday from 6/1 (Thursday).
The original was serialized in “Weekly Manga Sunday” (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha) from 1988 to 2013, boasting a total of 108 volumes and a cumulative circulation of over 45 million copies.
The main character, Shizuya Kondo, is “I am from today! He will be played by Kentaro Ito, who continues to make remarkable achievements such as starring in “Theatrical Version” (2020 / directed by Yuichi Fukuda) and “Fuyusobi” (22 / directed by Junji Sakamoto). Miwako Kakehi plays her colleague Akemi Akino, and other members who are worthy of being called a talented group such as Yasukaze Motomiya, Motoki Fukami, Hirojo Miyake, Yoshiyuki Tsubokura, Mariko Tsutsui, and Susumu Terashima have gathered.
Up-and-coming Kento , who has directed dramas such as “Avalanche” and “Shinso wa Mimi no Naka”, will direct and write the script.
The university president (played by Ito) works for a fashionable design company, and is confronted by a half-gray group!?
Enjoy the best-ever Reiwa version of “Silent Don”, which has both an exciting story and incandescent scenes with state-of-the-art visual beauty, on “DMM TV”!
[What is Reiwa Outlaw Label]
In this Reiwa era, where regulations and compliance are becoming stricter day by day, this project was launched to get hints for living in the present age from the main characters of masterpieces from Showa to Heisei who lived in the world of outlaws.
1st “Naniwa Financial Road ~ Haibara, Knocking on the Gate of Imperial Finance! ~』
2nd “Naniwa Finance Road ~ Money, tears, rights and women ~” 3rd “Naniwa Financial Road ~ Orochi City Money Wars ~”
* Both are being distributed on DMM TV
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] (C) 2023 “Silent Don” Production Committee
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] (C) 2023 “Silent Don” Production Committee
[Comment from Kentaro Ito]
Distribution will start as soon as the theatrical release,
I hope this work reaches more people!
DMM TV “Silent Don” site [Synopsis]
Shizuya Kondo, the only son of Kanto’s largest gang Shinsei-gumi. However, he wishes, “I hate yakuza and want to live peacefully as a katagi,” so he works at a design company and lives as a modern herbivorous boy. Even though he gets scolded for not being able to work, he has a faint crush on his colleague, Akino-san, and works normally every day. That is Shizuya’s happiness.
However, an incident occurs that completely changes Shizuya’s life… Shizuya just wants to live a normal life, but he faces the crisis of the fresh group. What is that crisis? ? And what is the future of the fresh group…!? ?
Starring: Kentaro Ito
Cast: Miwako Kakei, Motoki Fukami, Yasukaze Motomiya, Hirojo Miyake, Yoshiyuki Tsubokura, Shigeru Uchida, Daichi Asai, Takahiro Konishi, Haruto Fujii, Anna Konno, Tomu Miyazaki, Yoshiki Kanahashi, Tsubasa Tobinaga, Yukinobu Kagawa, Ayari Mikoshiba, Hiroki Suzuki, Nobukatsu Kodama, Tenko Saito, Masami Tachi, Kimitaka Nakamura, Hiroto Honda, Kenta Kawasaki, Yutaka Kiyatake, Mariko Tsutsui, Susumu Terashima *Shoji Yoshizaki and Kenta Kawasaki’s cape is officially written as standing cape.
Director/Screenplay: Kento
General Producer: Yasukaze Motomiya
Original: “Quiet Don” Tatsuo Nitta (published by Jitsugyo no Nihonsha) Screenplay: Souji Yoshizaki (QueenB)
Music: Yuji Iwamoto Emi Maeda
Production: Rishi Aida, Takeshi Hitomi
Executive producers: Toshihiro Maeda, Yusuke Suzuki
Producers: Hiroaki Kono Jungo Maruta
Production Producer: Eiichi Sugaya
Production: MinyMixCreati Department, Double Field
Distributor: Ti Joy
[Copyright] * When using the material of the work, please write the following copyright.
(C)️2023 “Silent Don” Production Committee
The original manga is being distributed on DMM Books
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