Limited company EXNOA DMM GAMES’s harem-style neglected RPG “Climax the crown for my princess” pre-registration has started!

Pre-registration for DMM GAMES’s harem-style neglected RPG “Climax the crown for my princess” has started!

At DMM GAMES operated by joint company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL:, on May 9th, a new neglected RPG “To my princess” We are pleased to announce that we have started accepting pre-registration for “Climax the Crown” ( In addition, we will inform you that various pre-registration campaigns have started to commemorate the start of pre-registration.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] ▼ Pre-registration site for “Climax the crown for my princess”:
▼ Official Twitter:
▼ Pre-registration PV:
[Video 3:] ▼ What is “Crown for my Princess”?
Released as a completely new Minato Soft
Scenario: Takahiro, original picture: Fantasy ADV by wagi.
The three heroines are the human emperor, the head of the elves, the demon king, Young leaders who control each power.
There are many other attractive women, such as bullish women and dark men, While surrounded by lively characters,
You can enjoy a fantasy world for the first time in Minato Soft. ▼ Story of this work
The main character, Shaon, who grows up in a remote area, is He was taught the ability and technique of Tenshin.
The master’s wish is to pass on this teaching to his descendants. At that age, Shaon goes out to the city to find a wife.
On the other hand, each of the three countries on the Hycoon continent is ruled by a woman.
The three countries were competing against each other, creating a three-way gridlock.
The head of the Commonwealth, Erin, was working to reconcile the two countries. I notice the existence of those who are secretly working to make the three kingdoms fight.
In response to Erin’s report, the Empire and Rankage moved.
▼ Features of this work
1. An idle RPG from Minato Soft x DMM GAMES is born here.
A new scenario supervised by Minato Soft!
The first season of the main scenario has a total of 13 chapters, and chapters 1 to 4 can be viewed at the time of release!
2. You can play regardless of the model!
An idle RPG that supports browsers on smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Although it is a browser game, you can play high-quality games with scenario full voice anytime and anywhere!
3. Added 35 new characters! A total of 82 characters are now available! ! A total of 82 characters will appear, including the 47 characters that exist from the original “My Princess Kara Glory”!
New character settings and illustrations will be characters supervised by Minato Soft.
* The number of characters that appear during operation is also included.
[Image 2:×433.jpg]
[Image 3:×433.jpg]
[Image 4:×434.jpg]
[Image 5:×433.jpg] * The screens shown are under development.
▼ Pre-registration campaign to get mitama ore!
[Image 6:×510.jpg] To commemorate the start of pre-registration, we will hold a campaign. Depending on the number of pre-registrants, we will give you a gift of soul ore. If you reach 50,000 people, you will receive a total of 3,000 gachas that you can spin 20 times, so please join us!
▼ Pre-registration gacha to get the highest rare SSR!
[Image 7:×510.jpg] During the pre-registration period, we will hold a pre-registration gacha where you can summon up to 5 times a day for free and keep your favorite character you win. You can draw the pre-registration gacha as many times as you like during the period, so get your favorite rare SSR character before the game starts!
▼ New PV released!
[Image 8:×563.jpg] To commemorate the start of pre-registration, we will release the PV of “Climax the crown for my princess”!
Pre-registration PV:
[Video 4:] ▼ RT campaign to commemorate the start of pre-registration!
[Image 9:×525.jpg] A super luxurious RT campaign is being held where you can win either an Amazon gift code or an original wallpaper every day.
After following the official Twitter
(, RT the specified tweet posted to see the winning results on the spot! You can participate every day during the period, so don’t miss your chance!
First period: May 9, 2023 to May 14, 23:59
▼Product overview
Title: Climax the laurels for my princess
Genre: Harem-style idle RPG
Official Twitter:
Platform: PC (browser version) / Smartphone (browser version) Rights notation: (C) Minato Soft (C) 2023 EXNOA LLC
Usage fee: Basic free play (with in-game charges)
Check the latest information on Twitter!
We will deliver the latest information from this official account. ▼ Pre-registration site for “Climax the crown for my princess”:
▼ “Climax the crown for my princess” official Twitter:
Details about this release:

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