Limited company Rollbahrn 73-year-old Tokai’s leading shrine carpenter started Tikitok operation. Achieved 10 million PV views

Rollbahrn LLC
A 73-year-old Tokai’s leading shrine carpenter started Tikitok operation. Achieved 10 million PV views
-Creating fans using SNS by teaming up with venture companies with an average age of 23-

Architectural Takumi (Factory: Obu City, Aichi Prefecture / Master Carpenter: Takemoto Kirinaka) has started operating Tiktok together with the joint company Rollbahrn (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture / Representative: Tsukiyama Fukawa). The attention to detail has gained popularity, and by the end of April, the total number of views exceeded the initial target of 5 million PV and achieved 10 million PV. The joint company Rollbahrn has an average age of 23, and plans, shoots, and posts Tiktok. A short video of a unique collaboration between people in their 20s and 70s is getting a lot of attention.
[Image 1:×2599.jpg] How the active master carpenter in his 70s met Tikotok
Last year, when Kirinaka was worried about attracting customers, he received advice from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry about attracting customers online. At that time, I met Rollbahrn
representative Tsukiyama and consulted him about attracting customers online. In addition, I decided to challenge Tiktok after touching the passion of wanting to help businesses realize their ideals through Tsukiyama’s Tiktok.
[Image 2:×1672.jpg] I was worried because I hadn’t touched Tiktok or SNS itself until now, but the members of Rollbahrn supported everything from planning to shooting and posting. However, I started to operate Tiktok. The master carpenter’s commitment as a craftsman and a new aspect of human beings caused a sensation, and in about four months, the total number of followers on SNS exceeded 10,000 and the total number of views exceeded 10 million. Not only that, we also received applications from apprentices through Tiktok, and succeeded in leading to recruitment activities.
Tiktok by Rollbahrn x Architectural Master
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] 1. Disseminate the commitment of an active master carpenter in his 70s In terms of content, we are mainly disseminating the commitment unique to the craftsmen of Kirichu master carpenters. Houses are
indispensable for human life, but in modern times, cost performance is becoming more important than traditional manufacturing methods, designs and performance. In such a situation, we are disseminating content that makes us aware of the importance of traditional techniques and points that the general public should pay attention to. In fact, we have received a variety of comments, but many of them are impressed by the professional attitude towards the work of the master carpenter Kirinaka.
[Image 4:×1596.jpg] 2.Rollbahrn style content submission flow
 Rollbahrn operates Tiktok while minimizing the burden on the staff. The Architectural Takumi account posts 8 posts a month, and once or twice a month, we visit the site of the business operator and shoot what we have planned and scripted. It takes about 3 hours to shoot, then we edit and process it, and post it using our own analysis of user trends.
 On SNS such as Tikotok, it is important to be able to maintain continuity, so the most important thing is to have fun while operating the account together.
3. Cognitive method of becoming a fan unique to Tiktok
The medium Tiktok is a short video, and its unique algorithm makes it easy to view the same account with high frequency. Therefore, opportunities to touch the content many times automatically occur, and it is easy to feel attached to the account or content.
On the Architectural Takumi account, by exposing the master builder to the front, the human aspect of the master builder is transmitted, and the design is designed so that users will become attached to the master builder, in other words, become a fan. By creating fans, users will become interested in the master carpenter’s business and will use it as a consultation partner for any problems. In the future, I think that fanning will become an indispensable part of corporate awareness activities.
About future prospects using Tiktok
[Image 5:×2925.jpg] After about four months of operation, the number of fans for the master carpenter has increased and we have received various comments. In the future, in addition to attracting customers and increasing awareness, we plan to use crowdfunding to produce and sell small interior goods and miscellaneous goods that make use of traditional techniques. We would like to deliver products that are full of the commitment of the master carpenter, and hope that young people who watch Tiktok will also notice the wonders of traditional techniques. In addition, we will transmit the progress of crowdfunding and the production process from product planning to production on Tiktok, convey the master carpenter’s skills and thoughts to more people, and protect traditional techniques.
Comment from Tatemoto Kirinaka, Master of Architecture and Master Carpenter
[Image 6:×1284.jpg] It has been 50 years since I became independent at the age of 23. Since the time of our founding, we have always devoted ourselves to our daily work while always sincerely thanking our customers who have entrusted all the construction of their homes to our architectural masters without any hesitation. We have sophisticated technology, but the technology is not well known to the world. Also, I am not good at spreading the technology and knowledge, so I started to send it out through SNS this time in cooperation with Mr. Rollbahn.
I myself still feel like I’m in my 50s, so I move around without hesitation. As in the past, we will focus not only on new
construction, but also on the restoration of old houses and the construction of vacant houses, which is a social problem. If there are people who are worried about such difficult circumstances, we will respond to any circumstances. Our architectural masters will consult with you about your concerns about your home, building, garden trees, etc., and provide you with a home where you can live with peace of mind.
About Rollbahrn LLC
[Image 7:×3900.jpg] Now is the time when companies need to have their own media such as SNS, send out information that attracts the attention and recognition of many people, and connect it not only to branding but also to recruitment activities and actual business achievements.
The limited liability company Rollbahrn aims to be a company that can support further challenges of companies like the “runway” that is the origin of the company name. With an average age of 23 years old, we plan to take advantage of the originality and ideas unique to Generation Z, and use short videos to create new management resources for companies following “people, things, and money”. I will help you create power.
In addition, we will also focus on creating a company where people in their 20s can contribute to society and the region as an immediate force.

[Architectural master]
Location: 702 Shinei Green Heights, 2-2-19 Shinei, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Factory location: 3-302 Hangetsucho, Obu City, Aichi Prefecture Representative: Takemoto Kirinaka
[Image 8:×2700.png] 【Company Profile】
Company name: Rollbahrn joint company
Mission: Provide manufacturing and services that transform people’s lives Head office location: Meiko Building 2nd floor, 1-17-13 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Representative: Fukawa Tsukiyama
Business: SNS operation agency business, advertising agency business, creative design business, web marketing business, apparel business Established: June 2021
TEL: 050-8881-8725
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