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[Now on sale] “Teachings of the clan passed down to millionaires” special feature!

The July 2023 issue of the global business magazine “Forbes JAPAN” (published by Linkties Co., Ltd., CEO and Forbes JAPAN Founder: Makoto Takano) is the “billionaire ranking” announced once a year by Forbes in the United States. 2023” and “Teachings of the clan handed down to the millionaire”.
What do 69% of the world’s billionaires have in common? The answer is “entrepreneur”. How did the people who started their own businesses increase their wealth? “Family Code” is the key word to unravel the mystery. What did the entrepreneur instruct the family to do? Along with “50 Famous Japanese Houses”, we will approach them from the perspective of family. [Click here for regular subscription] [Click here to purchase on Amazon] [Forbes JAPAN Web]
[Image 1:×758.png] Feature 1: Announcement! World billionaire ranking 2023
This year, for the first time, the world number one from France has appeared. How did Bernard Arnault, an engineer at a civil engineering company, create a popular brand, teach his children, and expand his family business?
[Image 2:×395.png] Special Feature 2: “Teachings of the Family” Passed Down to the Millionaires The secret to the prosperity of descendants lies in the region. Taking up various families, we will study the utility of unexpected “magic wands” from “entrepreneurial lessons” passed down to children.
[Image 3:×396.jpg] Special Feature 3: Driving Forces of Economy and Culture “50 Famous Japanese Houses”
Based on the stories of six experts, the prestigious families that have continued for more than three generations and built culture and economy are listed at once. The secret to prosperity was, to put it in modern terms, “stakeholder capitalism.”
[Image 4:×393.jpg] Special Roundtable: Will AI Create Innovation? ChatGPT and Japan’s “winning line”
Economist Professor Tomohiro Inoue, author of “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Economy: The Employment Collapse in 2030” Masayuki Osawa, author of “Will Our Imagination Surpass Capitalism?” ‘s AI researcher, Mr. Yoichiro Miyake, points out the surprisingly unnoticed “Japan’s winning line”.
Forbes JAPAN Editor-in-Chief Masaharu Fujiyoshi Comment
[Image 5:×228.png] Through this special feature, I felt that the prosperity of the family is not something that can be achieved by “oneself” alone. Regions with true distinguished families have built up a mechanism for coexistence and co-prosperity with the region. This is a special feature on families and communities, where you can see how the “ecosystem” that brings work and happiness to your community was created. Please stay tuned.
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