Loan Deal Online cross-border program “Outsight” to strengthen business idea. In June and July, “LOOVIC, Hedgehog Medtech, Urban X Technologies, Future Space Transportation Systems” will be on stage!

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Outsite is an online cross-border program that strengthens business creativity. In June and July, “LOOVIC, Hedgehog Medtech, Urban X Technologies, Future Space Transportation Systems” will be on stage!
At the practical training “outsight” provided by Loan Deal Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mirai Harada), where entrepreneurs and business issues are seriously discussed, two venture companies will be on stage each month. I’m here. We are pleased to announce that the companies that will be presenting in June and July have been decided. “outsight” provided by Loan Deal allows 100 large company employees (maximum) to seriously think about solutions to the strategic issues faced by various venture managers and have direct discussions with the managers. It is an online cross-border program. We aim to cultivate the creativity and business sense necessary for launching a new business by making thinking a habit through weekly input and output. Recently, it is also being introduced as a cross-border learning that involves venture companies, targeting middle management. It is expected that human resources who will be at the core of the organization will acquire the knowledge and mindset that can bring about organizational change by directly experiencing the reality of cutting-edge business and the perspective of venture managers.
[Image 1:×1125.jpg] Ventures on stage in June and July
In this program, managers of various venture companies in different industries and phases will take the podium. Companies that offer new business models and services are selected from over 500 companies registered for Loan Deal. Venture companies have the advantage of being able to freely use their proposals for business development, and they can also expect to build relationships with selected human resources from large companies.
In June and July, the following four companies will be on stage.
[Image 2:×791.png] ・ LOOVIC Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo/Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Representative Director Toru Yamanaka)
Business description: Developed “LOOVIC”, a smart city experience induction platform service. With a vision of “creating a society that is not conscious of being weak or weak”, the mission is to “use technology to solve social issues that are common to all human beings, without discrimination”.
[Image 3:×795.png] ・Hedgehog Medtech Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiromi Kawada) Business description: Development of an app for headache treatment. Founded in 2021, the company, which has a vision of “connecting daily life and medical care,” is proceeding with the development of a headache treatment app that has a large impact on daily life and has many working-age patients.
[Image 4:×1138.png] ・Urban X Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroya Maeda) Business description: Provides digital services for urban
infrastructure management. A startup from the University of Tokyo that aims to reform the “infrastructure maintenance” method using data and AI with the mission of “updating urban infrastructure and enriching the lives of everyone”.
[Image 5:×1129.png] ・Future Space Transportation Systems Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO Kojiro Hatada)
Business description: Aiming to commercialize an innovative space transportation system that enables space travel. With the vision of “creating an era where everyone can access space”, we signed a memorandum of understanding with JAXA to co-create the business concept.
*Please see the website for the order of presentation/detailed schedule. outsight:
Notice of related events
[Image 6:×450.png] Mr. Yuhei Imai, the instigator who continues to create signboard hit products from small and medium-sized enterprises, will be on stage! Mr. Imai says, “You can’t create a business just by being customer-oriented.” It seems that the company’s strengths, rules, resources, etc. are grasped flatly, and plans are put together using them. We will explore Mr. Imai’s point of view and way of thinking, which can be said to be “architectural thinking”.
If you are in charge of new business and human resource development at a large company, please participate in this opportunity.
Date: May 29th (Mon) 14:00-15:30
Venue: Online delivery (planned to be zoomed)
*The viewing destination will be sent to the registered email by the day. Participation fee: Free
Participants: 100 ▶︎Click here to apply Details about this release:

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