Looking for Youtuber who likes motorcycles! ! “HATOYA online”, an EC shopping site for motorcycle supplies and motorcycle parts

Hatoya Co., Ltd.
Looking for Youtuber who likes motorcycles! ! “HATOYA online”, an EC shopping site for motorcycle supplies and motorcycle parts
I love motorcycles more than anything! YouTuber who says

We launched an EC site specializing in motorcycle supplies called “HATOYA online”.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from Youtubers who can introduce e-commerce sites and motorcycle goods, mainly riding gear such as SCOYCO riding shoes and ASTONE helmets. Consultation only is also possible! Please feel free to contact us.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/42842/11/resize/d42842-11-7a415d0891fd072659bc-0.jpg&s3=42842-11-d1ba8b2d83940d7d663830b438cf14d6-372×90.jpg] https://online.hatoya.co.jp/
Our overall characteristics are:
・Authorized distributor of 4 domestic manufacturers
・10 group stores, more than 100 years old
・Active participation in events such as exhibiting at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, touring and holding riding schools
・In terms of accessories, we import parts and apparel that we have independently selected at overseas exhibitions, etc., and also handle many major brand products from domestic manufacturers.
We have a domestic general agency contract for overseas brands of motorcycle apparel “Scoico” and “Aston helmet”, and we have been well received by providing products to major accessory stores.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/42842/11/resize/d42842-11-2a3c352097f2a3f5e34b-1.jpg&s3=42842-11-16c1ca7cefcb169e78ae932ade89c88e-2218×1276.jpg] Company Profile: https://hatoya.co.jp/company
Representative products
・Scoico (motorcycle apparel) domestic general agent
・Aston helmet (European brand) general agent in Japan
https://online.hatoya.co.jp/collections/astone?tab=products&page=1&sort_by=title ・Pilot type helmet
https://online.hatoya.co.jp/pages/search-results-page?q=g-237 ・K-MAX rear box
https://online.hatoya.co.jp/pages/search-results-page?q=k-max ・WODE SOURCE gloves, rainwear, etc.
https://online.hatoya.co.jp/pages/search-results-page?q=wide%20source ・Air Hawk (Put it on the seat and lift your buttocks with a layer of air to eliminate pain in your buttocks during long rides.)
https://online.hatoya.co.jp/pages/search-results-page?q=%E3%82%A8%E3%82%A2%E3%83%9B%E3%83%BC%E3%82 %AF&tab=products&sort_by=title&sort_order=asc&page=1
・Kawasaki genuine parts
And so on.
If there are any items on the site that are not limited to these items that are of interest to you, could you introduce them in videos or on social media?
Because of the creative nature of the content, there was no set format, so I think we were able to proceed while consulting with each other.
If you are even a little bit interested, please feel free to contact me regardless of whether you accept it or not.
Thank you!
Please contact us at ec@hatoya.co.jp.
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