Makeip Co., Ltd. Size recommendation engine “unisize” for apparel EC starts standard collaboration with fu tureshop

Makeip Co., Ltd.
Size recommendation engine “unisize” for apparel EC starts standard cooperation with futureshop
– Futureshop users can more easily introduce “unisize” to their EC sites –
Future Shop Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Yuko Hoshino, hereinafter “Future Shop”) has started standard cooperation with the SaaS-type EC site construction platform “futureshop”.
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With this collaboration, futureshop users can reduce the work and costs such as data linkage and tag embedding that were required when introducing unisize, and it is now possible to easily and easily introduce unisize to EC sites. Since many of the companies that have introduced unisize are futureshop users, this standard linkage has been realized in response to the needs of companies that want to use it in futureshop as well.
-Points in standard linkage-
・Up until now, when using unisize in futureshop, it was necessary to manually link data to unisize for the “purchase history function”, which is a type of size recommendation function. By realizing this automatic linkage, it will be possible to reduce the work of the person in charge of operating the EC site.
・By preparing tags for futureshop, unisize will enable EC site operators to easily install tags by copying and pasting from the futureshop management screen without having the technical knowledge or skills of program development. increase.
Through this collaboration, Makeip aims to provide more apparel businesses with a size recommendation function that eliminates size concerns at the time of purchase. We reduce the burden and support the improvement of customer UX on each company’s EC site. In the future, the two companies will work together to promote the introduction of unisize to futureshop users.
About unisize
unisize ( is a size recommendation engine that recommends the best size for your body when buying clothes and bags online. We have a large amount of clothing and goods size data for clothing brands in Japan and overseas, and we make
recommendations using a unique algorithm that estimates the optimal size based on the input user’s physical information and
characteristics. (Patented)
Equipped with functions such as fitting, analytics, data linkage, etc. to ultimately enhance convenience for EC users and business operators’ marketing activities.
– unisize screen image
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About futureshop
The futureshop ( series provided by Future Shop is a SaaS-type EC site construction platform that creates commerce strategies for the future.
Futureshop has a CMS function commerce creator that realizes a high degree of design customization freedom and updateability, and also has a wealth of functions that can be used for loyalty marketing. For omni-channel support, we integrate physical stores and EC customers, and use “futureshop omni-channel”, which has a point integration that implements O2O and a physical store inventory display function for the purpose of detailed digital marketing. receive.
In addition to the rich functionality of the platform itself, it also integrates with many other systems and has excellent flexibility and scalability. Aiming to be an “e-commerce platform that creates sales”, we are committed to high functionality that meets professional use, and we will fully respond to the “what you want to do” of e-commerce business operators.
【Company Profile】
■ Company name: Future Shop Co., Ltd.
■ Representative: Representative Director: Yuko Hoshino
Location: 4-20 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Grand Front Osaka Tower A 24th floor
■ URL:
【Company Profile】
■ Company name: Makeip Co., Ltd.
■Representative: Representative Director Shingo Emoto
Location: NITTO Building 1F, 126 Yaraicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo ■ Established: February 5, 2015
■ Capital: 100 million yen
■ Phone number: 03-6265-3465
■ URL:
■ Business: Internet content planning, development, operation, marketing, promotion, consulting

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