Matsurika Co., Ltd. Matsurika has raised approximately 1 billion yen in pre-series C funding.

Matsurika Co., Ltd.
Matsurika raises pre-series C funding totaling approximately 1 billion yen.
Matsurika Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eiji Kurosa), which operates the cloud sales support tool “Senses”, has announced that Mitsubishi UFJ Capital as a lead investor, DNX ventures, Archetype ventures , Iyogin Capital, Kiraboshi Capital, tb innovations, Sony Innovation Fund, Oita Venture Capital, a third-party allotment of shares, and a total of approximately 1 billion yen in funding, including loans from other financial institutions. I will let you know what I did. Along with this, we will carry out corporate rebranding and engage in further business development under the new system.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] ■ Fundraising background
Since the service release in 2016, Matsurika has been developing and operating the cloud sales support tool “Senses”. By facing the users in the sales field and providing value, we have realized the elimination of personalization in sales operations and the work style reform of the organization. Now that we have raised funds, we will further differentiate ourselves from our competitors and develop a service that will satisfy the users of Senses. Specifically, the product lineup will be renewed, and in addition to the existing sales area, the marketing area, BI area, and AI area will be independent and strengthened for each area, and all operations in the customer-facing process will be covered. We plan to evolve it into an integrated platform. With this change, it is now possible to link data that was previously separated between sales and marketing. You can proceed. In addition, by incorporating AI functions, it is possible to improve operational efficiency by analyzing and utilizing more effective methods based on the data accumulated throughout the purchasing process from marketing to sales.
This initiative is an important move to create a world where people can be freed from labor and pursue their own ideals by improving efficiency and creativity in order to create an environment where Matsurika can work in a highly creative and playful way. . For that reason, we will use this funding to conduct marketing activities and increase personnel in conjunction with the renewal of the product lineup, and devote ourselves to realizing the vision that Matsurika is aiming for.
We will further strengthen the all-in-one business negotiation platform “DealPods”, which is a new product in the digital sales room area, a new sales tech that has been attracting attention overseas, whose beta version was released on April 11th.
■ Background of corporate rebranding
We will also revamp our corporate branding along with the fundraising. The corporate logo, vision, and values ​​will be changed this time. ・Corporate logo
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] ·vision
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Since Matsurika’s founding, the number of members has been steadily increasing, and we plan to further strengthen recruitment in response to this procurement. Along with that, as the number of members increases and the organization expands, the number of members with various backgrounds will also increase. At that time, we tried to rebuild at this timing so that everyone can run in the same direction without the sense of values ​​being scattered.
■ Fundraising overview
A total of approximately 1 billion yen was raised from the following investors and other financial institutions.
-Investment: Existing Investor-
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital
DNX ventures
Archetype ventures
Iyogin Capital
Kiraboshi Capital
-Investment: New Investor-
tb innovations
Sony Innovation Fund
Oita Venture Capital

■ Comments from investors
・Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.
Keijiro Shintani Deputy General Manager, Investment Dept. I
I was able to lead this funding round. As a result of continuous improvement of Matsurika’s Senses, not only CRM/SFA, but also Marketing Automation (MA), Business Intelligence (BI), and AI functions have been sequentially added, making it a platform that already has a strong presence in Japan. has been released. As a result, we have grown into a product that satisfies customers of all sizes. In addition, we are also challenging sales tech in new areas such as DealPods, and we expect that it will play an even greater role in Japan’s sales DX in the future.
・DNX ventures
Managing Partner / Head of Japan Yo Kurabayashi
DNX has led the past 3 rounds of Seed Round, Series A, and Series B, and has made an additional investment in this round. During that time, Matsurika has steadily expanded the value of its products and continued to accelerate its growth rate in a highly competitive market. In order to realize the vision of President Kurosa at the time of founding, I hope that the products will be further evolved and lead to business expansion. DNX will give you even more support with a new feeling.
・Archetype ventures
Managing Partner Shumpei Fukui
Starting with the very first financing, I am very pleased to be able to make the third investment this time. While working with us, there have been various changes in the environment, including the major changes in work styles due to the coronavirus. I am very encouraged by the management and other team members who continue to support the important role of “sales”, which is everywhere in the world and never disappears, under the mission. I believe that maximizing the results of using data and further evolution of products for automation are rather the main focus, and I look forward to long-term growth in the future.
・ Iyogin Capital Co., Ltd.
Investment Manager Kunihiko Tokunaga
Since our first investment in the Series B round in 2019, “Senses” provided by Matsurika has grown strongly in spite of the impact of the corona crisis and has grown in strength as a company. I’m here. I feel that what supports this growth is the clarity and consistency of our product development, which focuses on the field. We will continue to support Matsurika, which aims to make further progress with this funding as a step!
・Kiraboshi Capital Co., Ltd.
Venture Business Unit Manager Shun Masuda
I am very happy to have been able to provide additional support this time. We have also introduced Senses at our company, and as a user, I feel that the product is being refined every day. As a result, we have been chosen by many companies, from startups to large corporations, and we believe this has led to steady growth. We have great
expectations for SFA to establish itself as an integrated platformer for customer-facing processes.
・tb innovations Inc.
Representative Director and President Kenju Ko (Tokyo Boeki CVC) Improving labor productivity is an urgent issue for companies of all sizes. Matsurika has always put the site first and has contributed to the improvement of sales productivity by facing customers. Currently, we are expanding the range of our services to the marketing, BI, and AI areas, and we are confident that by organically linking each service in the future, we will be able to provide even greater value to our customers. . The Tokyo Boeki Group will fully support Matsurika’s growth journey.
・Sony Ventures Inc.
Gen Tsuchikawa, President and Representative Director
Matsurika’s “Senses” is a product with high usability that is close to sales representatives. In the SFA/CRM market, which is expected to continue to expand in the future, it is expected that it will greatly contribute to the sophistication of project management and sales improvement of the companies that have introduced it. We will support the company’s business growth in various ways.
・ Oita Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Takeshi Watanabe
Senses has received high praise from the sales sites that actually use it, and we recognize that it is easy to “accumulate data”, which is one of the key points of SFA. Data accumulation is the foundation for subsequent data analysis and utilization, and we believe that this is our strength in the highly competitive SFA industry. As labor shortages and shortages of IT personnel become more serious, we are convinced that this tool is necessary for a wide range of companies, from local small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations, and Oita VC also intends to support sales development.
■Company profile
Matsurika, whose mission is to “make the world a festival,” will create a more free, creative, and fulfilling work life in this world by combining the power of people and technology. Currently, we are developing and providing the cloud sales support tool “Senses” and the digital sales room “DealPods” for users in the sales field, who urgently need to eliminate individualization.
・ Company name: Matsurica Co., Ltd. (
・Head office: 2-2-1 KANDA SQUARE 11F, WeWork, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ・Representative: CEO Eiji Kurosa
・Established: April 30, 2015
・ Business: Operation of cloud sales support tool Senses, operation of DealPods, consulting services in sales activities, development and operation of other Internet infrastructure businesses

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