Matsuya Co., Ltd. 2023 Midsummer gift of Matsuya

Matsuya Co., Ltd.
2023 Midsummer gift of Matsuya
After Corona is “a gift that everyone gathers and enjoys”

Matsuya Ginza, 8th floor mid-year gift center June 7 (Wednesday) to July 10 (Monday)
Matsuya Asakusa 1F Midyear Gift Center June 1st (Thursday) – July 18th (Tuesday) Matsuya Online Store May 17 (Wednesday) 10:00 a.m. to July 26 (Wednesday) 5:00 p.m.
This year’s Matsuya midsummer gift will propose delicious gifts for parents and friends at home under the theme of “gifts that everyone can enjoy together.”
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Matsuya online store limited purchase bonus
Benefit 1) Free shipping for 940 items in the online store. ●Free shipping for 840 items listed in the catalog as “110 yen nationwide shipping gift”●”EC limited free shipping” for 100 items from 46 popular shops on the food floor. Benefit 2) Double the points! + 1,000 yen online store coupon present for the first 1,000 first-time users 3) Early special preferential gift “Hayatoku 10” is also free shipping online
1. “Famous restaurants in Ginza and Asakusa” where everyone can gather and enjoy This summer, when there are more opportunities to get together, we propose gifts unique to Tokyo’s representative “Ginza” and “Asakusa” that everyone can enjoy.
[Image 2:×270.jpg] -Ginza Chojuan-Ganso Duck Seiro (for 4 people) 6,588 yen including shipping. * EC is not possible
[Image 3:×302.jpg] -Kuma3-Ginza Kuromame Heshirekeki 6,804 yen Free EC-only shipping (+ 330 yen for refrigerated shipping) From a Japanese restaurant in Ginza that maximizes the natural flavors of ingredients and pursues the possibilities of Japanese cuisine A gem limited to 20 per day.

[Image 4:×248.jpg] -Asakusa Imahan-Kuroge Wagyu beef sukiyaki set 10,800 yen including shipping / EC You can enjoy moderate marbling and richly flavored shoulder and shoulder loin with specially made rice.
[Image 5:×256.jpg] – Kashou Aoyagi Masaie – Chestnut Yokan 4,428 yen (free shipping for EC only) This is a masterpiece that represents the store where you can enjoy adzuki bean paste that carefully removes the scum and
surprisingly soft chestnuts.

2. Outstanding cost performance and Taipa! “Frozen gourmet” from a well-known store that will please you as a gift
Frozen food, which has been a hot topic recently, can be made cheaper than cooking by yourself, and you can enjoy the taste of a famous restaurant in a short time with just a little effort, which is a great item that will please your customers.
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– Ginbura Gourmet Ginza Nitto Corner – Assorted cabbage rolls with tomato sauce, 5,994 yen, EC-exclusive free shipping (+330 yen for frozen service) An assortment of 3 servings of cabbage rolls, popular for their melt-in-your-mouth texture.

[Image 7:×800.jpg] -Ginbura Gourmet Ginza Mikawaya- Recommended gift set, 10,260 yen, EC limited free shipping (+330 yen for frozen delivery), crab croquet, sole meuniere, and pork cutlet assortment of 3 popular items.

[Image 8:×800.jpg] – Ginbura Gourmet Ginza Yoshizawa – Assorted Matsusaka beef silk hamburger steak (for 3 people) 4,148 yen EC only free shipping (+ 330 yen for frozen shipping) A long-established butcher specialty store’s prized products.

[Image 9:×800.jpg] -Ginbura Gourmet Ginza Pies Monte- Cheesecake (3,800 yen) Free shipping only for EC (+330 yen for frozen shipping) The perfect balance between the aroma of high-quality vanilla beans and rich cheese.

[Image 10:×800.jpg] -Ginza Aster- Aster’s recommended set 11,772 yen EC limited free shipping (+ frozen shipping fee 330 yen) An assortment of 6 popular Aster side dishes.

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-Yakiniku Hiromiya- Specialty thick-sliced ​​tongue with flavor 5,400 yen EC-exclusive free shipping (+frozen delivery fee 330 yen) Only the softest part of the rare cut is used. Simple seasoning with only spice mix and sesame oil.

3. Also for power saving measures! Cool sweets recommended for midsummer  This summer, when there is concern about the tight supply and demand for electricity, cool down from the inside out with delicious cold sweets.
[Image 12:×800.jpg] -Murasakino Wakuden- Lotus root confectionery Saiko in a bamboo basket 5,292 yen (shipping included) / EC You can enjoy the sweetness of wasanbon sugar and the chewy texture of lotus root.

[Image 13:×800.jpg] -The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe- Assortment of 6 mango puddings 5,201 yen (shipping included/EC) You can enjoy the rich flavor and refreshing aroma of mangoes with its smooth texture.

[Image 14:×800.jpg] -Ambigram- Champagne Fruit Jelly 3,780 yen Free shipping only for EC (+ 330 yen for refrigerated shipping) You can enjoy the specialty fruits in the restaurant’s dessert style.

[Image 15:×800.jpg] -Babi- Regalo di Gelato 5,940 yen Shipping included / EC An assortment of 8 gelatos with a rich yet refreshing aftertaste. *All displayed prices include tax
[2023 Matsuya summer gift data]
■ Period [Matsuya Ginza] June 7 (Wednesday) to July 10 (Monday), 34 days [Matsuya Asakusa] June 1 (Thursday) to July 18 (Tuesday), 48 days [Matsuya Online Store] 5 From 10:00 am on Wednesday, July 17th to 5:00 pm on Wednesday, July 26th 71 days ■ About 2,000 items listed in the catalog ◎ 110 yen nationwide shipping gift 840 items (Matsuya online store ◎ EC limited free shipping gift 100 points ◎ Home delivery limited gift 84 points ■ Online store sales number approx.
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