MCJ Co., Ltd. Ponkotsu Vtuber Victoria’s Japan Derby Challenge!

MCJ Co., Ltd.
Ponkotsu Vtuber Victoria’s Japan Derby Challenge!

Vtuber Victoria, who drifted into the cyber world from somewhere in the Mediterranean, challenges a new battle, the Japanese Derby! ★【Victoria -Vicky Ch.-】
Unfortunately (?) Vicky lost the battle at the Emperor’s Prize on April 30th. But the indomitable spirit cannot be discouraged at this rate!
Vicky-chan, who deepened her love for horse racing by playing Uma Musume, plans a counterattack in the Japan Derby!
・ May 27 [ChatGPT] Ponkotsu, give life advice to AI! [Rookie Vtuber]
・ May 28 [Horse racing simultaneous viewing] Put everything into the Japanese derby to achieve the goal! ! [Rookie Vtuber]
Live broadcast from 21:00 on Saturday, May 27th (there is also a story about the Japanese Derby), and live broadcasting scheduled for two consecutive days on Sunday, May 28th!
Will he challenge the battle with the viewers and get revenge? ! ★[Broadcast so far]
●[Horse racing simultaneous viewing] Watch the Emperor’s Award (Spring) together-
[Image 1:×720.jpg] ●[Uma Musume] Victoria will make her debut as a trainer♪[Rookie Vtuber]●[object 9] Raising the most recommended Teio-tan for the first time (Heart)[Rookie Vtuber] https: //
[Image 2:×897.png] Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter! ★【Victoria -Vicky
Ch.-】★【Twitter】 About MCJ Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×115.png] 【Company Profile】
Company name: MCJ Co., Ltd.
Address: Tensho Ueno Suehirocho Building, 3-16-2 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Kazuya Sugiyama
Business description: New content development and operation that integrates media development business and advertising agency business Established: April 26, 2018
Business: Mahjong Walker.Mahjong Walker: Walker.Mahjong Walker Twitter: Trend: https://www.jannavi. net/leisure/author/doneru_admin//WinBEST:
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