Minna no Bank Co., Ltd. 24th grade Minna no Bank New graduate recruitment “Open position” application acce ptance start

Minna no Bank Co., Ltd.
24th grade Minna no Bank new graduate recruitment “open position” application acceptance start

Minna no Bank Co., Ltd. (Director Kenichi Nagayoshi, hereinafter “Minna no Bank”) will start accepting applications for new graduate recruitment (open positions) for university and graduate students scheduled to graduate in 2024.
We look forward to receiving applications from students who sympathize with the idea of ​​Minna no Bank, Japan’s first digital bank, and who are willing to work together to create a “next-generation bank”.
[Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/72105/117/resize/d72105-117-764e82a33089edce60fc-0.png&s3=72105-117-9f3e1f68fb02b9f1f159d967b5c3e1d5-1200×440.png] About hiring open positions
Minna no Bank is recruiting new graduates in a wide range of positions (open positions) for undergraduate and graduate students scheduled to graduate in 2024. This time, we are looking for people who want to be active in the following areas, so if you are interested, please apply. ⚫ Business area (management planning, service planning, marketing, business alliances, etc.) ⚫ Design area (communication designer) ⚫ Click here for data scientist recruitment requirements
https://corporate.minna-no-ginko.com/careers/recruitment2024/ submit a “proposal” When applying, please submit a “proposal” related to Minna no Bank services. There are no restrictions on the format of the proposal, so feel free to express yourself in your own way. We will make a comprehensive judgment, including the content and
expressiveness of the proposal.
Application Requirements
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/72105/table/117_1_d2738a65041dd6a42bb7efcd592f665d.jpg ]
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