Mobilus Co., Ltd. AI CHAT SUMMIT 2023 Presentation Lecture decision on “Limits and Possibilities of GPT Utilization in Customer Support Operations”

Mobilus Co., Ltd.
[AI CHAT SUMMIT 2023 Presentation] “Limits and Possibilities of GPT Utilization in Customer Support Operations” Lecture Decided

Mobilus Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomohiro Ishii), which develops and provides solutions for customer support support as The SupportTech Company, took the stage at [AI CHAT SUMMIT 2023] hosted by Media Link Co., Ltd. I will give a lecture on the theme of “Limits and Possibilities of GPT Utilization in Customer Support Operations”.
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AI CHAT SUMMIT 2023 is an event titled “What is the future of customer support in the ChatGPT era?”
At Mobilus, we will be presenting on the following topics:
■ Outline of the lecture
Limitations and Possibilities of GPT Utilization in Customer Support Operations overview:
How to incorporate large-scale language models (LLM) such as [ChatGPT], which is currently attracting attention, into operations to achieve both customer satisfaction and efficiency, among those engaged in contact centers and customer support It is actively discussed. How should we use it to eliminate the anxiety and dissatisfaction of consumers who make inquiries, provide highly convenient services, and increase the value of their experiences? In addition to introducing examples of customer response automation that is currently
progressing, we will explain what will be possible when AI technology such as GPT is adopted in the future.
Please take advantage of this opportunity.
[Image 2:×155.png] Teacher:
Mobilus Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Tomohiro Ishii
[Instructor profile]
Worked for sales marketing in Latin America for 11 years at Sony Corporation and was in charge of building a telephone sales center to receive escalation calls from 5 countries. After that, he was in charge of introducing and operating a call center system at a domestic investment fund. In 2014, he joined Mobilus Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of president. In recent years, he has launched Mobilus SupportTech Lab and hosts and presents seminars on the theme of solving problems in the support field.
Lecture date and time:
May 30 (Tue) 11:45-12:15
(The entire event runs from 11:00 to 18:00)
Application method:
Please check the timetable and overview from the URL below before applying. (Participation free, registration required)
■ Overview of “AI CHAT SUMMIT 2023”
Date: May 30 (Tue) 11:00-18:00
Format Online
Sponsor Media Link Co., Ltd.
Co-sponsoring/presenting companies
ELYZA Co., Ltd., Mobilus Co., Ltd., Ghibly Co., Ltd., miibo Co., Ltd., contronym Co., Ltd.,
Helpfeel Co., Ltd., Karakuri Co., Ltd., i Act Co., Ltd.
[About Mobilus Co., Ltd.]
Mobilus is The SupportTech Company, which renews support with technology. Chat system “MOBI AGENT” that realizes seamless chat support by AI chatbot (automatic response) and manned response for corporate contact centers and local governments, chatbot “MOBI BOT”, AI Including “MOBI VOICE”, a telephone self-answering system, “MOBI CAST”, a segment information distribution system compatible with LINE official accounts, and “Visual IVR”, which centralizes inquiry leads and visualizes guidance and flow. We are developing solutions for customer support support. The Mobi series has been introduced to more than 500 companies (as of February 2023), and has won the top sales share* in the chatbot market for five consecutive years.
In addition, it has been certified as a “Technology Partner” and “Govtech Partner” in the “LINE Biz Partner Program,” which was introduced with the aim of actively promoting sales expansion and the addition and improvement of various corporate services provided by LINE. , has earned the “Customer Care” badge.
*”ITR Market View: Business Chat Market 2022″
About Mobilus SupportTech Lab
A lab established by Mobilus for the purpose of researching and disseminating “SupportTech,” a technology that evolves customer support. At the Mobilus SupportTech Lab, we will work on activities that use technology to solve problems in customer support sites and promote innovation. Specifically, we publish research reports and chaos maps, disseminate information through owned media, host and co-sponsor seminars, take the stage, and carry out research and development through demonstration experiments.
-Press release-
-Owned media-
Company name: Mobilus Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohiro Ishii
Location: 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Hamamatsucho Building 15F Established: September 2011
Listed Market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth (Securities Code: 4370) Business description: Provision of CX solutions such as SaaS products (mobi series) for contact centers
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