Movic Co., Ltd. “He / Meets Original Drama “Boku no Kazoku.”” Episode 6 Scene Cut & Synopsis Guest Cas t: Narumi Suria (Yumemiru Adolescence), Nakano Seuta, Saito Jun, Shizuka Riko

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“He/Meets Original Drama “Boku no Kazoku.”” Episode 6 Scene Cuts & Synopsis Guest Cast: Narumi Suria (Yumemiru Adolescence), Nakano Haruta, Saito Jun, Shizuka Riko

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[Image 2:×1795.jpg] Original TV drama “My Family.” From the brand “He/Meets” (reading: secret), which develops various contents with the theme of “secret”, such as TV dramas and distribution programs sent by Movic Co., Ltd. is now on air! (TOKYO MX (Wednesday 22:30), BS NTV (Wednesday 23:00), TVer (Wednesday 23:30)) An unpredictable new sensational drama woven by the gap between a useless young man and an unidentified sparkling prince! ! Appearance is Tsubasa Sasa, who will be the first TV drama starring. And TAKA (CUBERS), Mitsuru Karahashi, and others. The theme song is sung by Tomoaki Odato. The synopsis of Episode 6 has been released. Episode 6 The prince, the princess, and I suddenly appeared in front of them, a mysterious princess named Julia. It seems that she is the prince’s fiancé… Julia, who wants to bring the prince back to her country and have a wedding, whines in front of Shotaro, the prince, and the butler, Gondo. To Shotaro, the words he used to admonish Julia sounded like words he was throwing at himself. In the store where the three have left, Shotaro’s grandfather appears in front of Shotaro, who is lost in thought. His grandfather’s words while eating a hamburger pierce Shotaro’s heart. Guest cast: Suria Narumi (Yumemiru Adolescence), Haruta Nakano, Jun Saito, Riko Shizuka
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[Image 8:×1080.jpg] 120 seconds spot is also open to the public! ■ Program title * The title includes ” “. Drama! !ーWho are you living with now?ー Program Synopsis  Once upon a time, there was a gentle boy. For some reason, various misfortunes befall those who are around a kind boy. Every time a misfortune happens, the kind boy feels sad because of himself. But everyone was very grateful to the boys and loved them. So everyone changes their appearance and goes to see him. The boy was bewildered by the mysterious events that happened in front of him, but the gentle boy accepts all of them. But the boy who couldn’t take it anymore finally couldn’t stand it and cried. A cool girl appears before such a boy and helps him.
[Image 9:×1080.jpg] -CHARACTER- ○ Shotaro Wakatsuki (24 years old) Tsubasa Sasa A typical “loser” young man who failed to get used to university life and failed in his job search. I earn daily money as a delivery person for a food delivery app. He doesn’t have a girlfriend and starts working as a “useless youth video distributor” aiming for a one-shot reversal, but the number of subscribers does not grow and he is spending days of frustration. Fate begins to move in an unexpected direction with an extraordinary encounter that naturally comes to him in the days of a bad life.
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○Prince TAKA (CUBERS) A sparkling prince who suddenly appeared in front of Shotaro. Everything is shrouded in mystery, except for calling himself “Prince”. Lamenting Shotaro’s current situation, he cooperates to increase Shotaro’s channel subscribers. However, it is too far from the world, and it can not be said that everything you do is successful. In the strange communal life, when the prince looks at Shotaro, there is an atmosphere that makes him want to say something. What is his true identity? “Why a prince?” “Why are you with Shotaro?” “Why are you looking at him like that?”
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○ Butler A butler who came to Showtaro to bring back the prince on the orders of King Karahashi Mitsuru. Apparently even the butler has a secret! ? The role of always being on the prince’s side and liking the prince who goes too far.
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[Image 15:×1000.jpg] -CAST- Shotaro Wakatsuki: Sasa Tsubasa Prince: TAKA (CUBERS) Butler: Mitsuru Karahashi Erika Nakagawa Ryosuke Shiraiwa Yuna Kosuge Reiji Kisuke Takayama Ryo Hanasaki Nana Saito Jun Taro Production
cooperation: PLANET KIDS ENTERTAINMENT Produced and written by: Movic Co., Ltd. -SONG- Theme song “Scenario” Lyrics and composition: Tomoaki Odate Arrangement: Hikaru Ikeda Arrangement: Takuma Ikeda Singing: Tomoaki Odato -Broadcast-TOKYO MX 2023/4/5 (Wednesday) 22:30-BS Nippon Television 2023/4/5 (Wednesday) 23:00-Distribution-TVer 2023 /4/5 (Wednesday) 23:30-U-NEXT 2023/4/5 (Wednesday) 23:30-unlimited anime 2023/4/5 (Wednesday) 23:30-DMM TV 2023/4/5 (Wednesday) 23:30-Bandai Channel 2023/4/12 (Wednesday) 23:30-Hulu 2023/4/12 (Wednesday) 23:30-FOD 2023/4/12 (Wednesday) 23:30-J:COM On Demand 2023 /4/12 (Wed) 23:30-TELASA 2023/4/12 (Wed) 23:30-milplus 2023/4/12 (Wed) 23:30-au Smart Pass Premium 2023/4/12 (Wed) 23 : 30 ~ Official HP: Official Twitter: Official YouTube:

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