Muscle Helper Muscle Plus collaborates with a yakitori restaurant in Nishinippori! The new macho-free material “Yakitori-ya’s macho” has arrived! Macho who grills protein bars, drunk office worker macho at an izakaya, etc.

Smile Academy Co., Ltd.
[Muscle Helper] Muscle Plus collaborates with a yakitori restaurant in Nishinippori! The new macho-free material “Yakitori-ya’s macho” has arrived! Macho who grills protein bars, drunk office worker macho at an izakaya, etc.
Sending out attractiveness at muscle x local shops! Enliven
Mikawashima’s yakitori restaurant with muscles!

“Muscle Plus” is a macho free material and stock photo site that has become a hot topic on SNS and media, saying, “It’s not useful, but it’s interesting.” We will provide photos of machos taken at public yakitori Torizo ​​in Mikawashima as free materials.
[Image 1:×1080.png] “Muscle Plus”, a macho-free material site operated by Smile Academy Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), will carry out a collaboration project to promote Nishinippori’s popular yakitori Torizo. Muscle Plus has started offering a new free material category of “Yakitori shop macho”.
Click here for a free material list of “Yakitori shop macho” (89 photos in total) This time, at a yakitori restaurant, I’ve taken a lot of free material of comical machos, such as grilling yakitori and protein bars (?) at the grill, and getting drunk at the izakaya. If you tell Taishu Yakitori Torizo, who cooperated in the shooting, “I saw Muscle Plus”, you can get “one scissors” service!
What is Macho-free material Muscle Plus?
[Image 2:×1000.jpg] Macho-free material “Muscle Plus” This is a “muscle specialty” free material service in which only macho, such as members of ALLOUT, act as models. The material is a peculiar setting that “there is a macho in an impossible situation”, and “I can’t use this kind of material! We have only maniac free materials. The name of the service is “Muscle Plus” with the idea of ​​”Spice up your daily life with muscles” that will make people who use it and people who see it smile.
Work that became a topic in the past
“Catch Macho with Nanohana” (125,000 likes)
[Image 3:×1009.jpg] “Tea picking macho” (23,000 likes)
[Image 4:×1039.jpg] “Setsubun macho” (23,000 likes)
[Image 5:×1684.jpg] “Macho who secretly puts protein in fresh cream”
[Image 6:×993.png] Popular yakitori torizo
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] Taishu Yakitori Torizou, who cooperated in this shoot, is a yakitori restaurant in Nishinippori. A retro shop in a downtown area full of atmosphere. In addition to yakitori, you can also enjoy chicken liver sashimi and offal stew, which are carefully selected by the owner. What a highball from 199 yen!
Popular yakitori torizo
・1F, 1-4-5 Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo / 2 minutes on foot from JR Mikawashima Station ・Business hours 16:00-23:00 ・Irregular holidays ・050-5485-9138
If you tell the store that you saw Muscle Plus, you can get a skewer of chicken fillet for free! !
[Image 8:×2600.jpg]

Introducing some of the ingredients for “Yakitori no Macho”
“Yakitori shop macho”
[Image 9:×2600.jpg] “Macho grilling a protein bar”
[Image 10:×2700.jpg ]
“Macho who rejoices when yakitori comes out”
[Image 11:×2600.jpg] “A macho toasting at an izakaya”
[Image 12:×2600.jpg] “Macho who makes a toast with an air chair”
[Image 13:×2600.jpg] “A macho secretly trying to put protein on his boss’s yakitori”
[Image 14:×2600.jpg] “Dedicate your heart macho”
[Image 15:×2600.jpg] “Drunken Salaryman Macho at an Izakaya”
[Image 16:×2600.jpg] Click here for the material list of “Yakitori shop’s macho” (89 photos in total) The shooting site is also released on the Youtube channel “Muscle Plus plus” Videos such as “free material shooting site” and “plans I tried with muscles” are available on the YouTube channel “Muscle Plus plus”. [Behind the scenes of macho-free material shooting] The macho shooting site of the yakitori restaurant was terrible
[Video 2:] I would be happy if you could comment on SNS or Youtube, such as what you think of this material, want you to shoot materials in such a place, or want you to do such a video project! We will continue to use our muscles to contribute to the community. Muscle makes Smile!! Muscle saves the world!
Appearing muscle members are “muscle gentleman group ALLOUT”
[Image 17:×2480.jpg ]
Muscle men’s group ALLOUT More than 500 macho people are networked in various places, and the topic is boiling at events all over the country. Based on the concept of “Muscle gentleman”, it is a muscle performance group that excites the audience with a well-trained “cool body”. * ALL OUT is a fitness term that means “to use all your strength”. Anytime, anywhere, I want to contribute to your social activities with all the power I have now. That is our thought that is included in the name ALLOUT. Our philosophy is to promote the penetration of fitness training by communicating the appeal and necessity of building a body by being active in various fields all over the country.
・Muscle Plus SNS
[Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube] [Tiktok] https:// ・ALLOUT SNS [Twitter] [Instagram] [Facebook] https://www.facebook .com/ALLOUT.kinnikusinsi [Youtube] ・ALLOUT Representative / Muscle Plus Representative AKIHITO [Twitter] [Instagram] https://www [Youtube]
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Smile Academy Co., Ltd. Address: Nishioka Building 2F, 1-35-18 Okusu, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka URL: Operates 11 personal training gyms “Body Hackers Lab” in Fukuoka. In addition, we provide events and services using muscles such as muscle feast “Muscle Cafe”, “Kinku Bon Odori”, “Muscle Taxi”, and “Macho Casting” that provides more than 500 macho people nationwide. Other services
■Personal training gym (12 stores in Fukuoka) ・Body Hackers Lab ■BODY HACK ■Pocket trainer (online fitness) https://poketore. com/ ■ NFT art sales (made with macho-free materials) ■ Muscle Bon Odori ■ Muscle Taxi
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