Nagoya Takashimaya About “2023 Takashimaya Summer Gift” to change the name of the catalog from “Ochugen” to “Summer Gift” to acquire new customers

JR Tokai Takashimaya Co., Ltd.
[Nagoya Takashimaya] About “2023 Takashimaya Summer Gift” to change the name of the catalog from “Ochugen” to “Summer Gift” to acquire new customers
・ Store reception period: May 31 (Wednesday) to July 24 (Monday) ・ Location: Special venue on the 10th floor

JR Nagoya Takashimaya will open a “Rose Gift Center” from Wednesday, May 31st. This year, with the aim of attracting new customers and uncovering needs, we will change the name from “summer gifts” to “summer gifts”, and offer a wide range of sweets for children and limited items for home use that are in high demand. We will prepare more than 1,000 types of “shipping deferred gifts” as price increases such as one after another.
Overview of “2023 Takashimaya Summer Gift”
◆ Midsummer gift center
・Period: May 31 (Wednesday) to July 24 (Monday), 55 days in total (same number of days as the previous year)
・Place: 10th floor special venue
・ Number of items handled: about 2,700
・Peak forecast: July 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun)
A special counter will appear for the first time at the Food Maison Okazaki store
・Period: June 22nd (Thursday) to July 11th (Tuesday) for a total of 20 days ・ Reception hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm *Expansion during the 2022 year-end (18 days in total)
◆ Online
・ Reservation acceptance period: May 31 (Wednesday) 10:00 am to July 21 (Friday) 8:00 pm
・ Number of items handled: 416 types (206 types for gifts, 210 types for home / 8 types increase from the previous year)
[Image 1:×819.jpg] catalog
[Changed the name from Midsummer Gift to “Summer Gift”] Product development for a wide range of people
[For children] Frozen cake supervised by Patisserie Moncher, familiar with “Dojima Roll”
[Image 2:×840.jpg] Soccer ball decoration 7,143 yen
[Image 3:×563.jpg] Hello My Melody ¥6,711
[Popular home-limited item] Food that can be stored for a long time with the awareness of “rolling stock” that is useful in the event of a disaster
[Year-on-year sales of limited items for home use (in-store/online total)] Mid-year 2022: 107% / Year-end: 108%
[Image 4:×850.jpg] -Gion Matayoshi- Fragrant Kyoto-style cutlet 3,780 yen Expiration date: Approximately 1.5 years when frozen
[Image 5:×1501.jpg] -Chicken Sanwa- Sanwa chicken wings grilled with salt 3,694 yen Expiration date: about 1 year if frozen
[Image 6:×1187.jpg] -Amano Foods- Low-salt usual miso soup 5 servings Variety set 4,860 yen Expiration date: about 1 year at room temperature
Postage deferred (330 yen nationwide) Lineup of over 1,000 types of gifts Due to changes in the environment surrounding logistics, the shipping fee for general shipping items, cool items, and cash vouchers has been raised since March 1, 2023. excluding) We will develop a lineup of more than 1,000 types of gifts.
[Jelly category popularity No. 1]
[Image 7:×1077.jpg] -Shinjuku Takano- 9 fruit jelly 3,240 yen
[Japanese confectionery cool sweets category popularity No. 1]
[Image 8:×938.jpg] -Kano Shojuan- Natsusuikan 3,240 yen
[Soumen section popularity No. 1]
[Image 9:×721.jpg] -Kitamura- Tenobe Somen “Ibonoito” 3,240 yen
[Juice section popularity No. 1]
[Image 10:×1076.jpg] -Kagome- Vegetable life gift Domestic premium paper container 3,240 yen [Standard summer gift “beer”]
[Image 11:×766.jpg] -Suntory- The Premium Malt’s “Kata” Summer limited set of 4 types 3,300 yen Regarding the response to the new Corona “Type 5 shift” *Excluding Food Maison Okazaki store
[Continued efforts]
・Advance reservations can be made on the website of JR Nagoya Takashimaya * Reservations start at 10:00 am on May 23 (Tuesday)
・Relieve congestion in the venue by calling by email
[New initiative]
・While securing the same number of seats in the waiting area as in the previous year, the number of display counters has been increased. ・Full resumption of tasting and tasting sales services

※The image is an image. *Prices are displayed in total including consumption tax.
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