Netgear High-end mesh WiFi system “Orbi 9” router alone and two sets are now available. Patented technology makes it easier to deploy a premium WiFi experience that only Orbi can deliver

A single router and a set of two of the highest grade mesh WiFi system “Orbi 9” are now available. Patented technology makes it easier to deploy a premium WiFi experience that only Orbi can deliver
Expanded product lineup supporting the latest standard WiFi 6E and quad band
Netgear Japan G.K. (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuya Sugita, hereinafter referred to as Netgear), a Japanese subsidiary of NETGEAR that provides advanced network equipment globally, is a premium WiFi mesh system that is ideal for 10 Giganet environments. From the “Orbi9” series, a single router (model number: RBRE960-100JPS) and a two-unit set (model number: RBKE962-100JPS) were announced on Friday, May 26, 2023. From the same day, sales will start on “” and NETGEAR official mail order site “NETGEAR STORE”.
By expanding the lineup in addition to the conventional 3-unit set, it is possible to easily introduce a premium WiFi experience that only NETGEAR, which supports the latest standard WiFi 6E and quad band, can achieve.
More people can now experience the comfort of the Orbi series, such as the exclusive backhaul connection of our own patented technology and the carefully designed antenna.
[Image 1:×2654.png] Single router (RBRE960-100JPS)
[Image 2:×1728.jpg] back of router
[Image 3:×1350.png] Set of 2 (RBKE962-100JPS)
〇 About “Orbi 9”
■ Compatible with the latest standard WiFi 6E
Supports 6 GHz band of WiFi 6E. Utilizing the new band added to the Japanese wireless LAN standard for the first time in 20 years, high-speed communication with compatible devices is possible. By shifting from the 5GHz band, which tends to be crowded with many devices, to the 6GHz band, you can enjoy WiFi at a comfortable communication speed in a less crowded band.
■ Supports “Quad Band” that can use many frequencies, realizing high-speed communication
It also supports quad-band, which is the next-generation specification of the conventional tri-band, and achieves high-speed communication over a wide area using a total of 16 WiFi streams. Tri-band has three independent radio bands: 2.4GHz band, 5GHz band and additional 5GHz band backhaul. Quad-band has a tri-band 2.4GHz band, a 5GHz band, plus a 6GHz band with an additional 5GHz band backhaul for four independent radio bands. Devices connect to the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands, and Orbi 9 routers and satellites communicate with each other using a dedicated 5GHz backhaul, resulting in wide range and high speeds thanks to many frequency bands is possible.
[Image 4:×1308.jpg] quad band image
■ The patented dedicated backhaul function maintains a comfortable speed for communication from satellites.
In addition, the patented technology that is synonymous with the “Orbi” series and the dedicated backhaul function have also evolved (patent number: 10278179 JUSTIA PATENT).
Since a normal backhaul connection is not dedicated but shared with the devices it connects to, satellite connections will experience a drop in power output, resulting in an average 25% slowdown for each additional device connected. “Orbi 9” connects the router and the satellite with a dedicated backhaul (bandwidth), so compared to a normal backhaul connection, the device that connects to the satellite maintains a comfortable speed.
With a wireless connection of up to 2402 Mbps in the 5 GHz band, and a wired connection using satellite, 2.5 G multi-gigaport and gigabit port, it can flexibly cope with locations with many obstacles. * Regarding the patent for dedicated backhaul connection (English):
Equipped with a WAN port and 2.5G multi-giga port that supports a 10-giganet environment
The back of the router is equipped with a WAN port that supports 10G. You can enjoy next-generation content such as VR games, 8K video distribution, and Metaverse without stress. Equipped with a 2.5G multi-giga port, stable high-speed communication is possible even with a wired connection.
■ Built-in 12 uniquely designed antennas
Built-in 12 high-performance antennas designed at the San Jose headquarters in the United States. They are placed in optimal positions, achieving a coverage area of ​​approximately 279 square meters per vehicle.
[Image 5:×1650.png] transparent image
A 30-day trial of the secure security service “NETGEAR Armor” You can use the security software “NETGEAR Armor” with a regular annual subscription price of 8,990 yen for a 30-day free trial. You can enable security on any device that has the app installed to prevent information leaks, not only when you are connected to a router, but also when you are on the go or connected to public WiFi. *Actual WiFi speeds and coverage may be lower due to network traffic and environmental conditions, including building structures or the presence of obstructions.
-“Orbi 9” Product Specifications-
Product Name: Orbi WiFi 6E AXE11000 Quad Band Mesh WiFi System Model number: RBRE960-100JPS (router only) / RBKE962-100JPS (set of 2) JAN code: 0606449164671 (router only) / No JAN code (set of 2) Netgear store price Router alone: ​​133,400 yen (tax included) / Set of 2 units: 221,400 yen (tax included)
Warranty period: 3 years (user registration within 30 days after purchase is required)
Communication standard: IEEE(R) 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Communication speed: AXE11000 4804 (6GHz) + 2402 (5GHz) + 2402 (5GHz, dedicated backhaul) + 1147 (2.4GHz) Mbps
Dedicated backhaul speed: up to 2402 Mbps
Number of Bands: Quad (4) Bands
Number of antennas: 12 (built-in)
Recommended number of connections: Up to 200 units (per unit) Coverage: about 279 square meters (per unit)
Ports (Router): 10 Gigabit WAN Port x 1, 2.5G Multi-Giga Port x 1, Gigabit LAN Port x 3
Ports (Satellite): 2.5G multi-giga port x 1, Gigabit LAN port x 3 Size: 279.4 x 190.5 x 83.8mm
Weight: 1360g (per vehicle)
Security: NETGEAR Armor (includes 30-day free trial)
*Speeds are the maximum wireless transfer speeds based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. Actual WiFi speeds and coverage may be reduced due to network traffic and environmental conditions, including building structures or the presence of obstructions.
〇 Netgear store product page
RBRE960-100JPS (router only): RBKE962-100JPS (set of 2): ○ Inquiries from customers
Netgear Japan LLC Marketing
* NETGEAR Japan official website ( * NETGEAR Japan official YouTube channel
*NETGEAR Japan Official Twitter ( * NETGEAR Japan official Facebook ( ● About Netgear
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, NETGEAR has pioneered advanced network technologies for homes, businesses and service providers around the world.
Since 1996, we’ve led the industry with a range of award-winning products designed to make people’s lives easier and better. We empower our customers to collaborate and connect with the world by powering their home networks and empowering their businesses with a product line of innovative, intelligent, and easy-to-use WiFi and networking solutions. We are dedicated to making
-Company Profile-
Company name: Netgear Japan LLC
Representative: Representative Tetsuya Sugita
Location: Kintetsu Kyobashi Square 8F, 3-7-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: 1996
Capital: 50 million yen
Business description: Marketing, sales and support of NETGEAR brand products (network equipment)
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