Nippon Bunka Broadcasting Co., Ltd. New-generation singer-songwriter Room 703, who is currently attracting attention, will make a triumphant return as a special personality on a late-night music program.

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
A new generation singer-songwriter who is currently attracting attention, 703 room, a triumphant return as a special personality on a late-night music program
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting “ARTIST FC Special-Room 703 has already returned to live broadcasting” June 7 (Wednesday) 27:00-live broadcast
On June 7 (Wednesday) from 27:00, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting will broadcast “ARTIST FC Special – Room 703 has already returned to live broadcasting”.
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Room 703
This program is a special version of the late-night music program “ARTIST FC”, which puts the spotlight on a selected group of artists and presents their masterpieces in full chorus.
On June 7th (Wednesday), the new generation singer-songwriter who has recorded 27 million views for her debut single “Fake Hero” and 23 million views for YouTube, Room 703 will appear as a special personality.
Room 703 will be in charge of Tuesday’s personality for “Vinyl Music ~Kayokyoku 2.0~” at the same station until March 2023. Even after the above program ended due to the reorganization of the program this spring, there were many requests from program listeners and fans for the long-awaited appearance of Room 703, and this time a special student appearance has been realized.
In the program, Room 703 will talk about her recent situation and her feelings for listeners and fans, as well as to commemorate the release of her first album “BREAK”, which will be released on June 7th. In addition, we will be collecting congratulatory emails for the album release and impressions of the album from listeners before the broadcast, and we will introduce them on the day of the broadcast. Send messages from listeners to:
Room 703 commented as follows before the program appearance. “I’m home~! I’m Okaya Yuzuna, a singer-songwriter in Room 703! I’m very happy to be able to come back to this special time from night to morning. There are many things I want to talk about and ask, so please spend some time with me. please give me!”
-Room 703 Profile-
On August 1, 2018, three classmates from a vocational school formed Room 703. After graduating, he joined Yuzuna Okaya’s solo project. His representative songs are “Fake Hero”, “Barefoot Cinderella” and “Ningen”. Debut single “Fake Hero” recorded 27 million views on subscription and 22 million views on YouTube. In 2022, he wrote the theme song for the TBS TV drama stream “My Shikurenai Pheromone Boyfriend”, and continues to voice his voice as a generation Z singer-songwriter, and is armed with live performances that mobilize the elders, mainly generation Z. In addition, the fan base is steadily expanding. In addition to producing his own music, he also provides music to Kosuke Naka and Moe Toyoda. Until March 2011, she was in charge of the Tuesday personality of “Vinyl Music ~Kayokyoku 2.0~” on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.
*You can listen to the broadcast of this program from 27:00 on June 7 (Wednesday) for 7 days after the broadcast date.
[Special program overview]
■ Program name: “ARTIST FC Special ~ Room 703 has already returned to live broadcasting”
Broadcast time: June 7, 2023 (Wednesday) 27:00-28:44 [June 8 (Thursday) 3:00 am-] *Live broadcast
■ Appearance: Room 703
■ Twitter: @artistfc_joqr
■ Recommended hashtag: #ARTISTFC
■ Email address:
Details about this release:
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