Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Dizzy Sunfist, pre-delivery of the title song “Punk Rock Princess” from the new mini album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” released on May 24!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Dizzy Sunfist’s new mini-album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” to be released on May 24th, title song “Punk Rock Princess” will be available for pre-delivery!
It is also revealed that it was produced with Shuhei Igari (HEY-SMITH) as the producer.

[Image 1:×640.jpg] Dizzy Sunfist, who will release the mini-album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” on May 24th (Wednesday), has started pre-delivery of the title song “Punk Rock Princess” today (5/5). The other day, it was revealed in a recording documentary on YouTube “Shuhei Igari’s Bandman Channel in Osaka” that the mini-album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” was produced by Mr. Shuhei Igari of HEY-SMITH. “Punk Rock Princess”, which was distributed in advance, is the strongest song filled with Dizzy Sunfist Ayapeta’s message that women can do punk rock, be cool, and be strong. For the mini-album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS”, there will be an online autograph session with members on May 13th. In addition, pre-add and pre-save of the mini album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” has started on Apple Music and Spotify from today. Distribution release information Dizzy Sunfist advance distribution “Punk Rock Princess” Delivery date: May 5, 2023 (Friday) STREAMING & DOWNLOAD:
[Image 2:×764.jpg] *Pre-add/Pre-save of the mini-album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” can be found here:
Shuhei Igari’s Bandman Channel in Osaka (YouTube): “We produced an album for the melodic punk band” Dizzy Sunfist “!” Viewing URL CD Release information May 24, 2023 (Wednesday) Dizzy Sunfist mini album “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” COCP-42010 ¥ 1,500 (¥ 1,364 excluding tax)
[Image 3:×900.jpg] Going Phycho
Punk Rock Princess
stay by my side
Carry On
Decided (TV anime “My Home Hero” ending theme)
* Click here for details of in-store purchaser benefits: * Click here for details of Limista online autograph session: dizzysunfist/media/83151.html ★Click here to make a reservation: ■Dizzy Sunfist’s own project “SUNNY CIRCUS” will be held in Osaka and Tokyo this year! SUNNY CIRCUS 2023 in OSAKA 8/11 (Friday) GORILLA HALL OSAKA 13:00 OPEN / 14:00 STARTSUNNY CIRCUS 2023 in TOKYO 9/3 (Sun) Zepp Shinjyuku 13:00 OPEN / 14:00 START 7 until 23:59) Tour information Dizzy Sunfist “PUNK ROCK PRINCESS” TOUR 2023-24 June 18, 2023 (Sun) Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO 6/21 (Wed) Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO 6/23 (Fri) Osaka BIGCAT 7/13 (Thu) Chiba LOOK 7/17 (Mon/Holiday) Niigata GOLDEN PIGS RED 7/18 (Tue) Kanazawa vanvan V48/5 (Sat) Mito Lighthouse 8/24 (Thu) Sendai MACANA 8 /25 (Fri) Akita SWINDLE 9/22 (Fri) Sapporo Bessie Hall 9/27 (Wed) Toyama SOUL POWER 9/28 (Thu) Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX 10/11 (Wed) Kobe Sun and Tiger 10/13 (Fri) Takamatsu DIME 10/ 14 (Sat) Matsuyama Wstudio RED 11/7 (Tue) Hiroshima ALMIGHTY 11/18 (Sat) Yokohama FAD 12/10 (Sun) Kyoto MUSE 12/19 (Tue) Kagoshima SR-Hall 12/20 (Wed) Kumamoto Django 12/22 (Fri) Fukuoka BEAT STATION To be continued on 2024 [There will be a joint band appearance at all performances (to be announced at a later date)] *Click here for tour details: ■Distribution release information Distributing Dizzy Sunfist distribution single “Decided ( TV Ver.)” STREAMING & DOWNLOAD: TV anime “My Home Hero” non-credit ED video ending theme: “Decided” / Dizzy Sunfist /watch?v=q1c7FGb6R9Y ■Dizzy Sunfist Official HP ★Nippon Columbia Label Page: ■Official SNS Twitter: @_Dizzy_Sunfist_Instagram: @dizzysunfist_officialYouTube:

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