Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Certification registration for “Pole Advertisement Day” an d start of YouTube video distribution on utility pole advertisements

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
Registration for “Pole Advertisement Day” and Start of YouTube Video Distribution on Utility Pole Advertisements

Along with May 28th, which was certified and registered by the Japan Anniversary Association, as “Pole Advertisement Day”, we started distributing YouTube videos for the purpose of raising awareness of utility pole advertisements.
1. Background and purpose of this initiative
This year marks the 133rd year of our utility pole advertising service. As a guidance advertisement rooted in local communities, we have established a unique advertising medium field called “telephone pole advertising” along with the development of commercial activities in each region of the country. We offer services in a variety of formats, including “public display type” telephone pole advertisements for disaster prevention, crime prevention, traffic safety, and community support, and “community contribution type” telephone pole advertisements that are partly provided by customers (with sponsors). We are here.
On May 28, 1890, the Metropolitan Police Department at that time issued Japan’s first permission to post advertisements on utility poles in Tokyo, “2-chome Iida-cho, Kojimachi-ku (between
Kudanzakashita and Ishibashi)” and “Kojimachi-dori, Kojimachi-ku”. For this reason, May 28 has been officially registered as the anniversary of “Telephone Pole Advertisement Day”. Taking this opportunity, we decided to start YouTube video distribution in order to widely publicize that it is a part of the service that contributes to the high convenience and contribution to society at our company, which sells NTT utility pole advertisements.
2.Outline of initiatives, items to be implemented, etc.
・Distribution of YouTube videos related to utility pole advertisements ・Poster production and display (Tohoku area)
・YouTube URL and QR code
URL: QR code:
[Image 1:×147.png]

[Image 2:×805.png]

4. Contact information
[Inquiries from customers regarding this matter]
Terwell East Japan Co., Ltd. Tohoku Branch
(Tohoku 6 prefectures) TEL: 0120-09-1855
East Kanto Branch
(Chiba Prefecture) TEL: 0120-910-536
Sales Division
(Other areas) TEL: 03-5860-2660

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