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Nissan Segmo Co., Ltd. Certified as a specialist in dog knowledge! “Dog Test” intermediate level will be newly established in August! !

Nikka Segmo Co., Ltd.
Certified specialist in dog knowledge! “Dog Test” intermediate level will be newly established in August! !
Do you know how dogs see the world? ~ A certification test that acquires essential knowledge for owners and related workers in the process of learning

[Image 1:×2481.jpg] The General Incorporated Association Pet Service Group (Location: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Chairman: Koichiro Sakaguchi) will hold the “2nd Dog Test” on Sunday, August 27, 2023. Nikka Segmo Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kuniyoshi Yasui) is responsible for the overall operation of the online test.
The “Dog Test” aims to realize a better society between humans and dogs by understanding dogs and systematically acquiring knowledge to build better relationships. We started from
This time, which is the second time, in addition to the “beginners”, “intermediate” will be newly established and will be held online all over the country. Candidates can take the exam at home using a camera-equipped computer, smartphone, or tablet.
The dog test covers everything from the ecological field, such as the history of dog evolution and the characteristics of dog breeds, to how to read a dog’s feelings, behavioral standards in times of disaster, first aid in emergencies, and how to accompany dogs in their old age. It asks a wide range of comprehensive knowledge about dogs, which is necessary for those involved in related occupations.
Those who pass the “Dog Test” will be able to demonstrate their knowledge in all communities between dogs and people nationwide and acquire the knowledge to lead a symbiotic society between humans and dogs.
One example question from the beginner’s class. The correct answer is at the end of the sentence.
“Sometimes dogs yawn even when they don’t want to sleep. Which of the following is the correct reason?”
Choices 1. I’m nervous 2. I feel sick 3. I have a fever 4. I’m tired of the situation
We will also prepare special benefits for those who apply early. A lodging ticket for the luxury hotel “THE SCENE hamanako” where you can stay with your pet dog. In addition to presenting, you can take the exam at the early application discount rate for each class.
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] -Overview of the 2nd Dog Test-
Date: Sunday, August 27, 2023
Examination fee: Beginner’s 5,500 yen Beginner’s with online textbook: 7,200 yen      Intermediate 6,900 yen Intermediate with online text: 8,500 yen      Combined application for beginner and intermediate level: 11,000 yen combined application with online textbook: 12,300 yen
     ※For early registration by June 20th, each grade will receive a 5% discount from the above prices.
     ※All prices include tax
■ Holding method: Online test (PC, smartphone, tablet)
*Limited to those with a camera to use an anti-fraud system. ■ Implementation class/level
-Beginner level-: 80 questions / 60 minutes Passing line: Correct answer rate of 80% or more
We have the knowledge to live together without stressing dogs and build a better relationship with them.
Dog Partner Level
-Question Range-
History and ecology of dog evolution, lifestyle, discipline, understanding of feelings, food education, nursing care, disaster prevention
We will focus on the contents of online texts on basic knowledge about living environment and living environment.

-Intermediate-: 80 questions / 60 minutes Passing line: Correct answer rate of 70% or more
He has specialized social knowledge, including legal aspects related to dogs, and can give accurate advice to those around him.
coming dog specialist level
-Question Range-
In addition to dog ecology, living environment, and how to live in general, including disaster prevention, we provide legal knowledge about dogs.
title. About 70% of the total questions are from online texts, current affairs, Questions will also be asked from outside the text about the knowledge that is socially essential for the main.
■ Application deadline: Tuesday, August 15, 2023
*In the case of convenience store payment, until August 10 (Thursday) ■Inu Kentei Official HP
■Official online text
[Image 3:×960.png] “Beginner/Intermediate Dog Test Official Online Book”
Issued by: Pet Service Group
Price: 2,200 yen (tax included)
■ Pass benefits
Pass certificate (the image is for beginners)
[Image 4:×1529.png] Pass certification card (paid)
[Image 5:×352.png] This is a certified card only for successful applicants who can post pictures of their dog, two-shot pictures, etc. You can also select a ver. without a photo.
List price: 3,000 yen (including tax and shipping)
■ Organizer
General Incorporated Association Pet Service Group
■ Supervision
 Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of the Environment
Cooperative Pet Service Group (P.S.G) Director
Director, Japan Pet Comprehensive School
Kazuyoshi Katsumata
[Image 6:×889.jpg] ■ Management
 Nissan Segmo Co., Ltd.
■ Sponsorship
 THE SCENE hamanako
The correct answer for the example is 1. Because I’m nervous When you interact with strangers, or when you go to places you don’t know or don’t like, you may feel stressed and yawn from tension. Let’s try to reduce the stress level as much as possible while watching the dog’s condition.
[Inquiries regarding this release]
■ Location: 28-4 Kanda Higashi Matsushita-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kanda Higashi Matsushita Iida Byra Building 3F
■ Phone number: 03-3233-4848 (person in charge: Aoki)
[Inquiries from the general public regarding applications and certification exams]
■ Secretariat: Dog Test Management Secretariat (within Nikka Segmo) ■ Phone number: 03-6732-8494 (10:00-17:00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays) ■ E-mail:
Details about this release: