Nittele Tokyo Verdi Beleza Iwashimizu, WE League Chair Takada, and JFA Women’s Committee Chairman Sasaki to be on stage

Skylight Consulting Co., Ltd.
Nittele Tokyo Verdi Beleza Iwashimizu, WE League Chair Mr. Takada, JFA Women’s Committee Chairman Mr. Sasaki decided to take the podium ~ 6/14 held! Sports business conference specializing in women’s soccer
Skylight Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshiki Hanemono, hereinafter referred to as Skylight) will hold a sports business conference “Women’s Football Industry Conference 2023” will be held.
Yui Hasegawa, Risa Shimizu, Azusa Iwashimizu and other top-class players, Japan Women’s Professional Football League (WE League) Chair Haruna Takada, Japan Football Association (JFA) Women’s Committee Mr. Norio Sasaki, the chairman, and other people from the domestic and international soccer world will be on stage.
From today, online viewing application has started.
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1. “Women’s Football Industry Conference 2023”
In recent years, women’s sports have rapidly increased their presence as a new field of sports business and as a driving force for moving society in a better direction. This conference will focus on women’s football, aiming to deepen discussion and understanding of women’s football as an industry.
Under the themes of “the current state of women’s football,” “the social value of women’s football,” “marketing strategies,” and “popularization,” we will discuss the women’s football business from the respective perspectives of people in the football world and women players who are active in Japan and overseas. We would like to introduce our efforts on the front lines.
2. WE League Chair Haruna Takada, JFA Women’s Committee Chairperson Norio Sasaki, and other domestic and international speakers
Speakers are being determined.
Yui Hasegawa and Risa Shimizu, who are currently active in
professional leagues in Europe, and Azusa Iwashimizu (Nippon Television, Tokyo Verdi Beleza), who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011, will speak from the player’s point of view.
Haruna Takada, Chairman of the Japan Women’s Professional Football League (WE League), Norio Sasaki, Chairperson of the Japan Football Association (JFA) Women’s Committee, and the marketing alliance of FIFA (International Football Federation) from the soccer business world・ Mr. Oliver Takahashi (THE VISION Co., Ltd.), who also served as director, Mr. Albert Vallbona Azcona, CEO from 4-Football, who cooperated with this conference, and Ready Sport Global (READY), a consulting and advisory company specializing in women’s sports Co-founder and CEO Lucy Mills, who is currently on the board of Lewes FC, and Carlota Planas, founder and CEO of women’s football agency Unik Sports Management, will be on stage. The speakers to be decided in the future will be announced on the conference page. Please refer to the conference page for details of each session.
3. Conference Information/Application Site
Conference Women’s Football Industry Conference 2023
Date and time June 14, 2023 (Wednesday) 13:00-18:00 (planned) Organizer Skylight Consulting Co., Ltd.
Cooperation 4-Football
Sponsored by Japan Women’s Professional Soccer League (WE League) Participation format ◇ Invitation participation (participation at the conference venue)
Due to venue capacity, the number of participants will be limited. Invited guests will be informed of the venue.
◇ General participation (online participation)
Those who wish to participate in the general public can watch online. Please apply in advance from the link below.
Application site Free of charge
Please refer to the following for TIMETABLE, SESSION content, and speakers. Conference page
4. Sports Business of Skylight Consulting
Skylight operates comprehensively in:
1. Consulting: clubs, leagues, athletic organizations
We support sports clubs and sports organizations in formulating business strategies, supporting operations, and developing management personnel.
2. Consulting: sponsor company
For companies involved in sports, we support business development that makes use of sports, such as business development support for collaboration with professional teams and professional leagues, and utilization of rights and assets acquired through sponsorship contracts.
3. Venture investment/development
We support the growth of startups in the sports field such as sports tech companies through funding and management advice.
4. Professional soccer player training academy
The soccer team “FC SKA Brasil” is working with former Brazilian national soccer team Edmilson Jose Gómez Moraes to develop
professional soccer players in Brazil.
5. Sponsor
We aim to contribute to the development of sports by sponsoring sports clubs and sports competitions.
For details, please see the website ( [4-Football]
Headquarters: Aristides Maillol, 9-11 08028 Barcelona, ​​Spain Established: 2021
Representative: Albert Vallbona Azcona
For details, please see the homepage ( [Skylight Consulting Co., Ltd.]
Headquarters: Akasaka Tameike Tower, 2-17-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Established: March 10, 2000
Representative: Toshiki Hamono
For details, please see the website (
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