Nonpi Co., Ltd. nonpi foodbox (R), which delivered “on-nomi” to 5,000 companies, has been renewed as a new hybrid catering service! We deliver party food to offices all over Japan by courier.

Nonpi Co., Ltd.
Nonpi foodbox (R), which delivered “on-nomi” to 5,000 companies, has been renewed as a new hybrid catering service! We deliver party food to offices all over Japan by courier.

Nonpi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shuichiro Uegata), which is challenging the social implementation of a “new way of eating together” in order to expand the opportunities and possibilities of “eating together” to the world. A plan for real social gatherings has been added, and from May 22, 2023 (Monday), you can select “nonpi foodbox (R) for office” and “nonpi foodbox (R) for online” as a hybrid catering service for the new era. We have renewed.
[Image 1:×670.jpg] “nonpi foodbox (R)” service site: Background of service renewal
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, many companies have introduced remote work, and online drinking parties have become common.
In August 2020, Nonpi released the industry’s first food delivery service “nonpi foodbox (R)” for online drinking parties with the goal of implementing new social eating together. We tackled and realized the important issues of nationwide delivery and the reduction of the burden on the organizer, and in about two and a half years we were able to deliver a total of about 900,000 meals to 5,000 companies, gaining the support of many customers. I have received it.
Social gatherings in the office have been put on hold for a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic, but since this month the coronavirus has moved to Category 5, companies have reaffirmed the importance of interaction between employees and team building. There was a movement to resume social gatherings.
Therefore, “nonpi foodbox (R)” has added a plan for real social gatherings, and while utilizing the know-how cultivated in the catering service industry for more than 10 years before the corona disaster, “nonpi foodbox (R) for office” and “nonpi foodbox (R) for online” can be selected, and we decided to renew it as a new era hybrid catering service.
Nonpi will continue to search for ways to eat together for various needs and expand the possibilities to the world.
Commitment to nationwide delivery in Japan
Recently, an increasing number of companies are encouraging people to move to rural areas, and the difference in catering services that can be selected at each location, whether online or offline, for social gatherings, etc., has become a problem. With the advent of the era of working from anywhere, Nonpi sticks to “nationwide delivery” as a solution to eliminate regional differences in available catering services.
Even in areas where it has been difficult to deliver catering services so far, nonpi foodbox (R) uses the nationwide delivery network that has been cultivated so far and uses home delivery to deliver the same food anywhere and have the same experience. It is possible to do so. In the age of choosing where to work, we aim to eliminate regional differences in terms of food service. By providing high-quality meals anywhere in Japan, we will contribute to the satisfaction and productivity of working people.
Bite-sized and colorful dishes that are easy to enjoy conversation
[Image 2:×530.jpg] “nonpi foodbox (R) for office”
It is the best plan for real social gatherings and office events. We will deliver the food and drink of “selected set contents” to the designated place such as the office. The main focus is pintxos that can be held with one hand so that you can enjoy the party.
“nonpi foodbox (R) for online”
It is the best plan for online drinking parties. We will deliver food and drinks in one box to a designated place such as your home. Food and drink can be customized to suit each participant’s taste. Features of “nonpi foodbox(R) for office”
◆Menu supervised by top chef
[Image 3:×570.jpg] The “Lasagna” prepared for this launch was supervised by Mr. Fumio Yonezawa, a former Michelin three-star [Jean-Georges head office]. Chef Yonezawa, who has a thorough knowledge of authentic New York meat dishes and has experience in Italian cuisine, created a bolognese sauce that uses plenty of ultra-coarsely ground wagyu beef and beef tendons, combined with a rich bechamel sauce and two types of cheese in the oven. A fragrant and luxurious dish.
We will continue to stick to the best cuisine together with chefs with a high presence around the world.
◆ Hot dishes that can be heated hot without the need for a microwave oven
[Image 4:×790.jpg] Left: “Chef Yonezawa Supervised Luxurious Wagyu Lasagna” Right: “Fried Chicken [with Chef Yonezawa’s Special Spice -Duka-]”
By using the attached heating agent “Atsutsukun”, you can enjoy it in a hot state. We recommend using it just before serving, as it can be easily heated anywhere without the need for electricity or fire. For fried chicken, we offer “Yonezawa chef special spice nut salt (Duka)”. A crunchy texture and a deep ethnic taste just by sprinkling. How to use “Atsutsukun”:
* The video is an image because the package has been changed. A cold drink from the moment it arrives
[Image 5:×665.jpg] We will deliver delicious and well-chilled drinks in a cooler box, so you can make a toast right away. In addition, the cooler box you receive can be used as a drink cooler as it is, so you can keep it cool during the party! In addition to the office, it can also be used for rental spaces and outdoor events.
◆ Finger food that is nice for parties
[Image 6:×665.jpg] Buffet-style parties are common at office social gatherings. You can interact with various people while moving from one place to another while holding Nonpi’s specialty finger food in one hand.
-Product content- (nonpi foodbox (R) for office)
・Catering set (for 3 to 4 people)
・Catering set (for 10 to 12 people)
For details on the set, please check the product page below.
-Reception start date-
From Monday, May 22, 2023
* Only “Chef Yonezawa Supervised Luxurious Wagyu Lasagna” will be accepted from Thursday, May 25th.
-Delivery start date-
From Friday, May 26, 2023
* Only “Chef Yonezawa Supervised Luxurious Wagyu Lasagna” will be delivered from Monday, May 29th.
-Allergy information-
The menu may change depending on the season, so please check the allergy information for each menu on the ordering site.
-Expiration date-
Consume within 2 days of product shipment.
*For details, please check the menu table included with the product. -How to order-
Please select “nonpi foodbox(R) for online” or “nonpi foodbox(R) for office” from the site below and proceed to order.
If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form below.
nonpi foodbox(R)
[Image 7:×500.jpg] nonpi foodbox (R) is a delivery service that allows you to easily arrange meals at online, face-to-face, hybrid, and various types of gatherings, and delivers food and drinks nationwide.
It has been used by many companies, with a total of 5,000 companies and 900,000 people, and they are pleased that they can easily arrange meals for social gatherings. Personal use is also possible.
Comment from President Shuichiro Uegata
Eating together strengthens the organization, as SAMURAI JAPAN proved at the WBC. Through the pandemic, many organizations have lost cannibalism opportunities. We are a company that aims to contribute to building a strong organization and increase smiles by providing as many opportunities for eating together as possible for as many organizations as possible.
We will do our best to create a gorgeous, safe, secure and convenient service so that we can provide the best opportunities for eating together, both online and offline.
About Nonpi Co., Ltd.
[Image 8:×256.png] Nonpi is a company that takes on the challenge of social
implementation of “new ways of eating together” in order to expand the opportunities and possibilities of “eating together” to the world. Multiple businesses, including “nonpi Chef’s LUNCH,” which turns offices into community places through catering, and “nonpi foodbox (R),” a food delivery service that delivers food and drinks nationwide for online social gatherings and enables communication beyond distance constraints. is expanding.
Under the mission of “Eliminating hunger from the world and increasing smiles”, which was set at the beginning of its founding, we are working on “Social implementation of new co-eating” with the power of technology, business and design.
-Three mindsets-
1. Be the Diner
2. with Joy (enjoy and change the world!)
3. Believe No Limits
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