NTT Business Solutions Demonstration Project Aimed at Establishing “Smart Medaka Aquaculture Sales Business ” to Create Employment for Persons with Disabilities

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Demonstration Project Aiming to Establish “Smart Medaka Aquaculture Sales Business” to Create Employment for Persons with Disabilities -Trial of subscription-type business model at Itoshima City Hall-
Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture (Mayor: Yuji Tsukigata, hereinafter referred to as Itoshima City), NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION Kyushu Branch (Branch Manager: Masahiro Kajiwara, hereinafter referred to as NTT West), NTT Business Solutions Fukuoka Business Sales Department (Director Fukuoka) Business Sales Manager: Tetsu Nakamura, hereinafter NTT Business Solutions), World Staffing Co., Ltd. (President: Shinji Honda, hereinafter World Staffing), Disabled Work Support Center Kinomi (Representative: Michinori Nihongi) We are conducting a demonstration project * 1 with the aim of establishing a “medaka smart aquaculture sales business” for the employment of a certain person. This time, as the second stage of the demonstration project, we will conduct a trial of a flat-rate sales model (subscription-type business model) that combines “medaka and aquarium lease” and “regular maintenance”.
We will also inform you about the results and status of the first trial of the demonstration project.
*1 March 9, 2023 press release
Commencement of Demonstration Project Aimed at Establishing Medaka Smart Aquaculture Sales Business to Create Employment for Persons with Disabilities
1. background purpose
As an initiative based on the cooperation agreement*2 on regional revitalization concluded by the three parties of Itoshima City Totoshima Company LLC, NTT West is launching the “Smart Medaka Aquaculture Sales Business” to create employment for people with disabilities. We are conducting a demonstration project aiming to establish it from FY2022.
Under such circumstances, NTT West has set a vision of “realizing normalization*3 that makes use of the nature of Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture” as one of its regional revitalization activities, creating employment for people with disabilities and achieving economic independence. The purpose is to make working in Itoshima, which is rich in nature, rewarding while supporting.
*2 Press release dated June 25, 2019 Regarding the conclusion of a partnership agreement on regional revitalization
2. Overview of the demonstration project
Aiming to develop a fixed-price sales model (subscription-type business model) that combines “medaka and tank leasing” and “regular maintenance” to create more employment for people with disabilities, we built a tank in front of the mayor’s office in Itoshima. We will investigate the business model by having people with disabilities actually perform the maintenance of the aquarium and take care of the killifish while having visitors and staff appreciate the killifish. (1) Demonstration project start date May 18, 2023 (Thursday) (2) Installation location: Itoshima City Hall main building 2nd floor counter in front of the mayor’s office
(3) Medaka Brilliant brand Medaka
(4) Demonstration content Measure the effect of social value through the appreciation and breeding of medaka, confirm the business model [Demonstration project image]
[Image:×1470.png ]
3. About the future
Based on the results and knowledge of this demonstration, it will be recognized as “Itoshima work” that people with disabilities use their abilities to grow killifish in Itoshima’s clean water and clear air. We aim to In addition, we will work on horizontal development by packaging smart farming, expanding sales through subscriptions, etc., and creating new value such as utilizing advanced technologies (AI, IoT, etc.).
4. Participating operators and roles
■Itoshima City: Field provision, support for promotion and expansion of sales channels ■NTT West: Promotion of regional revitalization to solve social issues, planning and operation of demonstration projects ■NTT Business Solutions: ICT environment development in various trials, operation of demonstration projects, Effect measurement ■ World Staffing Establishment of a management system for people with disabilities, formulation of employment plans and establishment of appropriate placement ■ Work Support Center for People with
Disabilities Kinomi  Formulation and support of employment plans according to individual talents and degrees of disability, promotion of human resources Policy formulation
5. Results and Status of the First Trial of the Demonstration Project People with disabilities are engaged in smart medaka farming and sales trials using the ICT solutions of the NTT West Group. From 2022, we will focus on the following three items and carry out demonstrations. (1) Medaka farming using ICT (smart farming trial)
There are 30 breeds, and 60 at the start of aquaculture have increased to 1,500 due to the stabilization of the aquaculture environment through the use of ICT and the development of a digital manual for the aquaculture process.
(2) Improving the working environment and promoting employment for persons with disabilities (employment trial for persons with disabilities)
We employ five people with disabilities, and have introduced a “growth support system” that visualizes the health condition and psychological awareness of workers, along with supporting the creation of daily reports for workers.
(3) Establishment of sales model (sales trial)
In addition to a fixed-price sales model (subscription-type business model) that includes leasing and regular maintenance of killifish and water tanks, ・In March 2023, sell while communicating the state of killifish and the thoughts of producers to consumers on the web. We will conduct a “live commerce” that will be held, and will end with a favorable reception ・From April 2023, we will also work on listing as a return gift for “hometown tax” as a regional special product, aiming to establish a sales model.
6. Inquiries regarding this matter
■NTT West Japan Kyushu Branch Business Sales Department (Contact: Tsuji) Mail: ■NTT Business Solutions Fukuoka Business Sales Department Value Business Promotion Manager (Contact: Tanaka) Mail: itoshima.medaka.pj *The information in the news release is current at the time of
announcement. At this time, please note that the information may differ from the information as of the date of the announcement. Details about this release:
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