OBC to hold “Mugyo Cloud Experience Fair 2023” nationwide

Obic Business Consultant Co., Ltd.
OBC to hold “Mugyo Cloud Experience Fair 2023” nationwide
You can actually see, touch, and experience the DX of accounting and general affairs and personnel affairs!

[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/26471/126/resize/d26471-126-1f39c3916c2e6b6790e8-0.png&s3=26471-126-e3055ce18f2b3eb432156259cf54ce2e-1203×871.png] Obic Business Consultants Co., Ltd. (President: Shigefumi Wada / Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as OBC), which develops core business systems such as account magistrate and magistrate cloud, is offering a “Bugyo Cloud Experience” for accounting and general affairs personnel. Fair 2023” will be held nationwide from late May to the end of December with participating partners.
With the implementation of the invoice system and the remaining six months of the grace period for electronic transactions under the Electronic Book Preservation Law (hereafter referred to as the Electronic Book Law), many companies have an urgent need to respond. OBC received many comments such as “I don’t know what can be said to be a response.”
Therefore, OBC will hold the “Bugyo Cloud Experience Fair 2023” where you can “actually see, touch, and experience”, and provide a place where you can thoroughly experience and understand the work
corresponding to the invoice system and the electronic book law. In an environment with one personal computer per person, we are actually launching “Kanbo Bugyo Cloud” (released on May 26), which supports both the receipt and issuance of invoices, as well as the issuance of qualified invoices. You can touch and experience practical work. In addition, for general affairs and human resources, you can experience “paperless” personnel and labor work, which is still manual work using paper and Excel. You can check how to proceed to paperless, the effect of reducing business processes and improving productivity.
Please participate in the “Bugyo Cloud Experience Fair 2023” where you can solve your business worries and questions at once.
▼ Held all over the country! “Mugyo Cloud Experience Fair”
■ Dates: Late May to late December
■ Participation fee is free / Pre-registration required
▼ New CM “Bugyo Cloud Experience Fair Edition” is now available! https://youtu.be/QMieh6kFHQ0
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/26471/126/resize/d26471-126-5f0c47a7408637d589de-1.jpg&s3=26471-126-de21d34cfe963927ca1f2614ae9d2014-1181×862.jpg]
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/26471/126/resize/d26471-126-f1b263ae0dcc44c2879f-2.jpg&s3=26471-126-9ad0fa902144e9cf17dd536a17d29f2f-1181×1146.jpg]

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