Omni Co., Ltd. Opened “Anera Store”, an independent task online shop with the concept of “creating an en vironment where children can understand and move”!

Omni Co., Ltd.
Opened “Anera Store”, an independent task online shop with the concept of “creating an environment where children can understand and move”! An online shop that sells handmade independent assignments and schedules
Omni Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) has opened the independent task online shop “Anera Store” from April 21, 2023 (Friday).
Self-reliant assignments are assignments that are devised according to one’s abilities, interests, and interests so that one person can work on and complete them on their own.
It is suitable for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities, and there are shoebox tasks, filing tasks, etc. depending on the shape.
Such effects can be expected.
・Be confident and feel a sense of accomplishment
・ Acquire skills that will be useful in the movement of hands and future life ・Leisure activities can be expanded
We will support the creation of an environment that makes it easier for you and those around you!
Independent task online shop Anela store–
[Image 1:×1522.jpg] hurt yourself/harm others
shout out
Are you worried about your child’s behavior?
i don’t know what to do
i don’t know how to do
i don’t know what to do next
So your child is in trouble.
First, teach them to check their own schedules.
You can spend your time with peace of mind when you have a good outlook. I will post it in a way that you can see the flow of the day. If you include your favorite activities in your schedule, you can do your best for fun.
We support self-determination by providing a part that you can choose. Set a transition area where you can check the schedule, check the schedule yourself and move.
Remove cards for completed activities so that what you need to do next is always on top and easy to understand.
[Image 2:×800.jpg]
[Image 3:×800.jpg] Next, teach the independent task.
In an activity in one scene or place, it is a method (work system) that allows you to see and understand what you are doing now, how and how much, what you are going to do next, and what you will have after you are done. Students work on and complete tasks on their own, which are devised according to their abilities, interests, and interests.
[Image 4:×800.jpg]
[Image 5:×800.jpg] The time required for one task is about 5 minutes, depending on the difficulty, amount, and ability of the task.
At our office, we use (3 tasks x 4 cycles) + (5 minutes break x 3 times) for about 90 minutes.
Depending on the physical condition and mood of the day, we will adjust the difficulty, amount, and number of times so that the person can choose.
how can i teach
Provide physical prompts (hold hands to help) as needed to keep moving. At first, we will help you properly and proceed so as not to make any errors. Gradually and surely refrain from helping and aim for independence. If you do well, give good feedback, such as “I like it”, “It’s right”, “Okay”. Don’t give bad feedback like “Oh!”
For those who wish, we offer introduction support and follow-up support. Introduction support -Follow up -If there is an environment where you can understand and move, you can spend your time calmly.
You and those around you will be able to live comfortably.
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] As a commemoration of the opening, we will present an introduction support (1,980 yen) to those who have purchased one independent task by May 31 (Wednesday).
Careful online support on how to start self-reliance assignments and schedules (1 hour).
Conditions: Those who can post reviews on the site and on SNS -postage-
We will deliver free shipping nationwide.
After completing the purchase procedure, we will arrange shipping within 2-3 business days. *Business days are weekdays and holidays, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.
[Image 7:×3900.jpg] ■ Click here for inquiries (LINE)
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