On May 22, Digital Recipe, which is working to create an AI business, opens a podcast program with the vision of “Creating a future that lives with AI.”

Digital Recipe Co., Ltd.
On May 22, Digital Recipe, which is working to create an AI business, opens a podcast program with the vision of “Creating a future that lives with AI.”
CTO Furukawa, whose book has sold over 60,000 copies, explains the latest AI information and news. The first delivery introduces the secret story behind the creation of the Kagoshima dialect AI “Jad GPT”
Digital Recipe Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinnosuke Ito), which is working to create an AI business that realizes the social implementation of artificial intelligence, with the vision of “creating a future that lives with AI”, has newly established a podcast program. Did. On May 22nd, the first voice episode “#01-01 ChatGPT is not ‘Jad GPT’. Possibility of AI
utilization seen from AI in Kagoshima dialect” was released. Production partners: FUBI Co., Ltd., FUKASURU
■ Program overview
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/83539/60/resize/d83539-60-7297f338bf137d4cf52a-1.jpg&s3=83539-60-962672167a00214dafb0713674f9ca79-1000×1000.jpg] Program name: AI Pocket, the latest technology with a swelling future Delivery frequency: Mondays and Thursdays from 6:00 *Subject to change Contents: Introducing the latest information and news about the AI ​​industry, explaining the possibilities and risks of using AI, improving operational efficiency using AI, etc.
Distribution medium: Podcast
Personality: Digital Recipe Co., Ltd. Shoichi Furukawa, Takahiro Yamazaki Planning and production: FUBI Co., Ltd., FUKASURU
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So far, more than 1,500 people have participated in the “Latest AI Trends Webinar” hosted by our company. We received many comments saying, “It’s very helpful because the trends are fast and we can’t keep up with the knowledge and information we get.”
Trends in the industry are accelerating further, and services equipped with AI technology are being created daily. Along with this, there is an increasing number of posts by individuals and companies that touch on AI technology and AI services. At the same time, appropriate information sharing, correct industry norms, and legislation are also required. Some people who are considering how to use AI in business scenes and corporate activities say, “I don’t know what to look at and how to capture it in order to collect and judge correct information.” In response to these voices, we have established a podcast program as a place to pick up, introduce and explain news and events related to the AI ​​industry, where the world’s most advanced technology and information gather.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/83539/60/resize/d83539-60-0c9d1e2bccb4412650da-2.jpg&s3=83539-60-2ceaddd953b816852638433695c09948-1920×1080.jpg] Distribution information will be published on the following Twitter account. https://twitter.com/ai_copywriter
■ May 22 First episode
“#01-01 is not ChatGPT, but Jad GPT.
Possibility of AI Utilization in Rural Areas Seen from Kagoshima Dialect AI
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/83539/60/resize/d83539-60-2a7bf9c4d6473db07b9c-3.png&s3=83539-60-becd378d8153dbaaa002c39a56cd01e3-584×580.png] For the first time, we will talk about the content and production secrets of the Kagoshima version of Chat GPT “Jad GPT” produced by our CTO, which has been featured in various media.
You can watch the episode from the URL below.
Here is the article that took up “Jad GPT”.
■ Personality introduction
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/83539/60/resize/d83539-60-90234c1241b57fe1e031-4.jpg&s3=83539-60-a772f02562d96055baf18a08301431e9-3900×2989.jpg] Shoichi Furukawa
Digital Recipe Co., Ltd. Director and Chief Technology Officer Product Advisor, LLM Team, Matsuo Laboratory, The University of Tokyo Director of Generative AI Association
Born in 1992. Born in Kagoshima Prefecture. Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo. Launched “facevent”, an event introduction service for university students, which is used by a total of 300,000 university students. After that, he has been in his current position since March 2021 after working for several startups such as “SocialDog”, the No. 1 Twitter management tool in Japan. Launched “Slideflow” to create websites from PowerPoint and AI lighting “Catchy” using GPT-3. The book “Looking Forward! IT x Business Course ChatGPT The Future Created by Interactive AI” has sold over 60,000 copies.
■ Production partner company
Company name: FUBI Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Branch 1-1-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Amy Hall 3-5F No. 512
Established: October 5, 2018
Representative: Naoya Nishiyama
Business: Audio content production support
URL: https://fubi.co.jp/
A content studio specializing in audio. As a production achievement, at the ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS, we supported the production of “Koten Radio, where you can learn history interestingly”, which won the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award / ACC Grand Prix / “NOSE, a radio of scent and words”, which was nominated for the 4th JAPAN PODCAST AWARDS. Knows” / Producer of Spotify exclusive audio drama “Imikowa | A scary story when you know the meaning” etc. Trade name: FUKASURU
Representative: Eriko Fujii
Business: SNS production support
Representative Twitter: https://twitter.com/erico347
A content production team that supports the creation of social media for companies and individuals such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Based on the concept of raising SNS as if it were “hatching from an egg”, SNS production for services, brand PR, and recruitment support. ■Company profile
Management members who have founded multiple startups such as digital marketing business and corporate DX business have the idea of ​​“creating recipes that anyone can easily produce results if they follow them in the digital world, just like cooking recipes.” A technology startup that aims to make every job one-click based on. Company name: Digital Recipe Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-5-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2018
Representative: Shinnosuke Ito
Business: Development and operation of “Catchy” and “Slideflow”, DX consulting URL: https://www.dxr.co.jp/
Recruitment site:
We are focusing on hiring engineers, customer support, etc.

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