Orecon Co., Ltd. Nursing care/childcare/leave support system established

Orecon Co., Ltd.
[Orecon Co., Ltd.] Nursing care/childcare/leave support system established Orecon Co., Ltd. introduces flexible reinstatement system for outsourced staff
Orecon Co., Ltd. has set up a “Nursing care, childcare, and leave support system” with the desire that all working staff should value their private lives.
Orecon Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has introduced a new return-to-work system so that outsourced staff can enjoy a flexible working environment.
We are a company that employs a large number of outsourced staff. We have been cooperating with all the staff to ensure smooth business operations. Normally, under outsourcing contracts, if you need to take a day off, you have to suspend or terminate the contract once, but this time, when the situation calms down and you want to work at our company again, it will be smooth and smooth. We decided to put in place a system to support a speedy return to work.
In the reinstatement system, you can return to your original position and time period remuneration with a single email without going through processes such as examinations and interviews. We have simplified procedures so that outsourced staff can return to work without difficulty when the situation stabilizes.
We value the work-life balance of our employees and strive to realize flexible working styles. For outsourcing staff, we aim to provide an environment that allows them to balance work while taking into account their family’s precious time and personal circumstances.
Orecon Co., Ltd. will continue to pursue a comfortable work
environment for all staff, as the origin of the name is “regaining control of my life = Orecon”.
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About Orecon Co., Ltd.
Established on April 18, 2013 by Takuma Yamamoto. It is a company that promotes remote work and is also a company that promotes the active participation of women.
All staff work under full remote and full flex, and there are many staff members who are active not only in Japan but also overseas. Normally, in order to work at our company, it is necessary to take a dedicated common subject test and interview, reach a certain standard and pass.
What is the Nursing Care/Childcare/Leave Support System?
◆You can return to work at any time if you wish after the contract is suspended. No face-to-face interview, just an email.
◆ It is also possible to change the time of return and extend the suspension of the contract. We are flexible with your private schedule.
◆ After returning to work, you can start working at your own pace without difficulty. We provide flexible working styles through individual consultations, such as prioritizing children and adjusting working hours.
◆You can freely take leave other than nursing care and childcare. You can take time off for any reason to improve your skills or change your life.
[Company Profile] Company name: Orecon Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Takuma Yamamoto Location: 1-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051 Akasaka K Tower 4F Established: April 2013 Business description: Group management control and management, marketing business, training business, investment development business Capital: 11 million yen URL: https://orecon.co.jp/
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