PAPABUBBLE JAPAN Co., Ltd. A refreshing and colorful “candy” series that turns the “rainy” days of the rainy season into “exciting”

A refreshing and colorful “candy” series that turns “rainy” days in the rainy season into “exciting”
Refreshing “Ame Mix” with a bright and refreshing flavor
Rainbow-colored “Snail Lollipop” to be sold nationwide

Craft Candy Theater “PAPABUBBLE” is a premium candy that blows away the dampness of the rainy season and makes rainy days fun and exciting. It will be released sequentially from Friday, May 26th at the shop (official:
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Refreshing “Ame Mix” with bright colors and a more sour refreshing flavor than usual
“Ame Mix”, which is made by mixing “rain” and “candy”, is a brightly colored candy that will blow away the unpleasant feeling of the rainy season. It has a refreshing flavor, including honey lemon and lychee, and the grape, pineapple, and lime are more sour than usual. When held up to the light, the pattern around the umbrella candy also emits light, expressing the glittering feeling when light shines on the rain. Also pay attention to the frog candy that the craftsman is particular about the balance between the eyes and the face. A slightly sour candy mix that will refresh your mood during the rainy season. ・Ame mix price including tax: BAG 670 yen
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The popular snail lollipop every year! “Sunny Day” will also be on sale this year
[Image 3:×2000.jpg] The snail lollipop, which is very popular every year, will appear again this year. This time, it will not be limited to “rainy days”, but will be sold every day until it runs out during the period. The crisp rainbow-colored snails, inspired by a rainbow, will make you feel bright and excited about the humid rainy season. It is a limited-time “candy” candy with a refreshing ramune flavor.
・Snail Lollipop Price including tax: 830 yen

[Image 4:×1400.jpg] I have to get excited, it’s not sweets.
It’s not just a shop that sells candy.
You can see the craftsmen kneading, cutting, and making it from scratch right in front of you.
From among them, you can choose your own.
If you take a bite, you can taste a new taste.
Fun to watch. Fun to choose. Fun to eat.
At that time, I’m sure everyone has eyes like a child.
Yes, sweets are
It’s there to get you excited.
Papabuble was born in Barcelona in 2003.
We have sublimated the traditional candy work technology to performance. We named it “Craft Candy Theater“.
Please enjoy the experience that can only be found here.
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