Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. On Mother’s Day, I want you to know how to use your brain to eliminate mom’s parenting stress. Opened a special site for “inner language coaching” that eliminates child-rearing stress for HSC mothers with words that a

Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
On Mother’s Day, I want you to know that there is a way to use your brain to eliminate parenting stress for moms. Opened a special site for “inner language coaching” that eliminates child-rearing stress for HSC mothers with words that are not spoken

On May 14, 2022, on the website of the child development research institute “Pastel Research Institute” operated by Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, CEO Kayoko Yoshino), the words that mothers do not say aloud. We would like to inform you that Rin Okada, the leader of Inner Language Coaching, has opened a special site for HSC mothers to offer “Inner Language Coaching”.
[Image 1:×920.png] Japan is ranked 47th in the 2023 World Happiness Rankings announced by the United Nations. I want to break through this low status quo! If the mother is “happy”, the child’s happiness will also rise. The first thing that moms who want their children to be happy want is to take care of their stress.
Raising a child is a struggle in isolation, where mothers are likely to be stressed alone. Mothers who are experiencing child-rearing stress should not have any problems if they receive specialized stress care from an early stage, but the current situation is that there is no place for mothers to take care of their child-rearing stress. That’s why I created this specialized site with the hope that mothers who have limited child-rearing stress can learn how to use their brains to become stress-free mothers just by changing the words they don’t say aloud.
Three features of the “Inner Language Coaching”
Learn how to manage stress for HSC parenting moms
E-books for child-rearing stress moms can be read for free
Transmitting cases of “mom’s change” that occurred when unspoken words were changed positively
□ Inner Language Coaching Mission
It is to eliminate the mothers of difficult children who give up on what they really want to do because they are struggling to raise their children. And I will create a world that makes my life shine more like myself by doing what mom likes. For that reason, I will solve the parenting stress of HSC moms.
[Image 2:×910.jpg] [Profile of Inner Language Coaching Founder Rin Okada]
I am also a JADP certified mental psychology counselor and work as an inner language coach. Established Inner Language Coaching to overcome the difficulty of raising children who are difficult to raise with developmental science communication, and to support mothers who suffer from parenting stress just like myself.
I am a mom of HSC 5th grade daughter and 3rd grade son. When my daughter entered elementary school, she couldn’t keep up with her classes, couldn’t do tests by herself, and couldn’t understand the teacher’s instructions at once. I lost my self-confidence as a mother after spending more than two hours crying on one homework printout. I have read over 100 childcare books and tried many, but none of them fit my daughter. I kept blaming myself, saying, “It doesn’t work again…I’m a bad mother,” and my self-esteem dropped to the bottom. However, by encountering “Inner Language”, I no longer feel the frustration of parenting, and my time with my child has changed from hard to fun. Also, my daughter has started to show the talent that she originally had. While talking about my dreams with my parent and child, I became a mother who can support my daughter more than anyone else. I want to save moms who are suffering from painful feelings and parent-child relationships like me in the past. And I want to eliminate the number of moms who give up on what they want to do because they can’t balance childcare and work! I am working with that in mind. Click here for free email
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