Peaceful Morning Co., Ltd. A must-see for DX! RPA Chaos Map 2023 version, over 200 downloads in 2 days of release

Peaceful Morning Inc.
A must-see for DX! RPA Chaos Map 2023 version, over 200 downloads in 2 days of release

Peaceful Morning Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Sennosuke Fujisawa; hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which comprehensively develops services in the RPA area, provides services that solve user issues surrounding the introduction and promotion of RPA. The summarized “RPA Hyper Automation Chaos Map 2023 Edition” was released for free and achieved 200 downloads in two days.
To commemorate the 200th download, we would like to introduce the well-received “RPA Hyper Automation Chaos Map 2023 Edition” again.
[Image 1:×900.png] ▼Click here to download▼ ■”RPA Hyper Automation Chaos Map 2023 Guidebook” mapping tools that work with RPA
[Image 2:×540.png]
[Image 3:×540.png]
[Image 4:×540.png] As the number of companies promoting digital transformation increases, business process automation using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is gaining more and more attention.
In addition, generative AI such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT has emerged, and the automation of white-collar work is about to proceed to the next stage. RPA has been used by Japanese companies since around 2016, and now RPA products themselves are evolving, and the scope of automation is expanding to non-routine tasks in cooperation with AI and low-code applications. Along with the spread of RPA, not only RPA tools but also collaboration tools/technologies that demonstrate great power by linking with RPA tools have been greatly developed. On the other hand, as the number of RPA tools and collaboration tools increases, a situation is emerging that makes it difficult for users to select appropriate services that meet their challenges.
In order to deal with such a situation, we have compiled these services as the “RPA Hyper Automation Chaos Map 2023 Guidebook” that visualizes them.
In this chaos map,
1. Business discovery (a. Business visualization/manual creation, b. Task/process mining/BPM)
2.Automation of routine work (a. General-purpose RPA tool, b. Specialized RPA tool)
3.Expansion of automation range (a.iPaaS/API, b.ML/DL/NLP, c.chatbot, d.AI-OCR/IDP, e.LCDP, f.BI)
and the tools available for each process are categorized by technology. Furthermore, by referring together with the “Chaos Map GUIDE BOOK” that explains the service in detail, it is possible to systematically understand RPA related services. ▼Click here to download RPA Hyper Automation Chaos Map GUIDE BOOK 2023 What is RPA?
RPA is an abbreviation for “Robotic Process Automation”.
It mainly refers to technology that automates the work performed by white workers using PCs.
■What is Hyper Automation? Hyper-automation is the automation of a series of business processes by combining not only RPA but also AI-related technologies and automation tools. In recent years, there has been an increasing movement to link RPA tools with various technologies as a hub and expand the scope of automation.
■ How to successfully promote RPA in companies While the introduction of RPA and conversion to DX in companies is on the rise, companies can be divided into those that are actually successful in using RPA and those that are not. There are various reasons for failure, but most of them are cases of “lack of preparation” such as inadequate information gathering and internal coordination, lack of knowledge within the company, development is not progressing, and know-how is accumulated in the company. It is a case of “lack of know-how” such as being unable to deploy to other departments. RPA development does not end with automating one task, but it is important to expand the automation area within the company based on one success. For that reason, it is important to select tools that anticipate future expansion, and it is necessary to appropriately select various services related to RPA in order to successfully utilize RPA. We hope that this chaos map will be useful for RPA staff in choosing services. About Peaceful Morning Co., Ltd. (Crowdworks Group)
Under the mission of “Creating a society where people can work without patience”, Peaceful Morning aims to realize a society where people can freely and creatively work through work automation technology. Since its founding in 2018, we have developed automation and digital technologies such as “RPA HACK”, a specialized media about RPA, “Robo Runner”, an RPA developer training service, and “RPA Professional”, one of the largest RPA / low-code professional matching platforms in Japan with about 1,000 registered users. We are engaged in a business that advances transformation (DX).
*As of September 27, 2022, Japan’s largest crowdsourcing company “Crowdworks” has a mission of “becoming an infrastructure for individuals” and a vision of “becoming the company that delivers rewards to the largest number of people in the world”. became a wholly owned subsidiary of CrowdWorks Co., Ltd.

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