Performed in September 2023! Ballet “Poupelle in Chimney Town” All performers & ticket details decided! !

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Performed in September 2023! Ballet “Poupelle in Chimney Town” All performers & ticket details decided! !
Set up family seats and family support seats Children under the age of 3 can watch ballet together with their families

On September 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sun), 2023, the ballet “Poupelle of Chimney Town”, which will be performed at the Shinjuku Bunka Center Main Hall, will be performed on September 24th, 2023 (Sun). Set two types of seats: seats and family support seats. This is a new attempt at Poupelle Ballet, which provides opportunities for children aged 0 to 3 who are not usually allowed to go to the theater to enjoy watching ballet together.
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The popular picture book “Poupelle of Chimney Town” has a circulation of 720,000 copies. We will perform “Poupelle” as a ballet work, which has delivered the message entrusted to picture books in various forms such as movies, music dramas, plays, musicals, and kabuki. ■ All appearance dancers are decided
[Image 2:×2360.jpg] It was announced that Hitomi Takeda will play the role of Lubitsch and Shizen Kazama will play the role of Poupelle, but at the audition held the other day, Akimitsu Yawata played the role of Scoop, Ayumi Shiraishi played the role of Rebecca, and Teshigahara played the role of Cassie. All the dancers, including Asuka Tsuchida, have been decided for the roles of Ayano and Louise. ■ “Family seats” where families can spend time together When watching stage performances such as ballet, preschool children are not allowed to enter unless there are special opportunities or considerations such as performances for children. Therefore, when mothers and fathers with small children want to go to see a play, it is normal for them to go to a childcare facility at the theater or leave it with their family, but due to the recent corona disaster, it has become difficult to use childcare facilities. rice field. I often hear that there are people who don’t have grandparents or relatives nearby who can take care of their children, and that eventually they have no choice but to give up watching stage performances. Therefore, “Poupelle Ballet” will set up “family seats” where all children, including 0-year-old babies, can enjoy ballet, as well as such mothers and fathers. This is because Ruka Sekiba, the executive producer, is a mother of two children, and she herself has a hard time leaving her children to go to the ballet, and when she went to see a ballet by herself, she said, I want to see the same thing and share the time and feelings.” The “family seat” area is for the first three rows behind the first floor, which is easy to get in and out of the lobby as soon as the child cries or is upset, and if the child is on the second floor, the child inadvertently leans forward and falls. It is a setting that considers accidents that may occur. In addition, family seats allow children from 0 to 3 years old to watch on their knees, and there is no need to pay for a ticket (even children under 3 years old need to purchase a ticket if they want to use a seat). ■ “Family Support Seats” for those who are OK with families with children nearby In addition, this time we have set up two rows of “Family Support Seats” between the regular S seats and family seats. This is a seat that acts as a buffer for families and general customers. Even though there are family seats, there are still concerns such as “I will cause trouble for other passengers” and “What should I do if there is a person who is not good with children in the front seat?”. Therefore, in the “family support seats”, people who think that “it’s okay to have small children and babies nearby” and “children’s impressions are unexpected and interesting” will sit in the “family support seats”. I hope each of you will feel
comfortable and enjoy watching the stage. The original of Poupelle Ballet is a picture book. Executive Producer Seki said, “Through watching ballet, I would like you to share the time you spend with your child, thinking about what happens when you watch a picture book as a family. I hope to create a circulation that leads to the future of ballet culture that accepts children and families.”
The second pre-sale of tickets is underway. General release is scheduled for Saturday, June 17th. For details, see the official website ( -STORY- Residents of Chimney Town, covered in thick smoke and forgetting to look up at the sky, do not know the blue sky or the twinkling stars. In the midst of this, Bruno, the only person in this town who spoke of “stars,” went out to sea to see the stars, and never returned. His son, Lubitsch, kept his father’s words in his heart and continued to believe in the stars. After talking about the “star”, everyone in the town calls him a liar and points the finger at him. Ballet “Poupelle in Chimney Town” [Performance schedule] September 23, 2023 (Sat) 14:00 September 24 (Sun) 14:00 Venue: Shinjuku Cultural Center Large Hall (Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022 Shinjuku 6-chome 14-1, Shinjuku Ward)
Original/Screenplay: Akihiro Nishino Producer/Director: Paruka Seki Choreography: Naoya Homan Music Director/Conductor: Minori Tomita Akimitsu Rebecca: Ayumi Shiraishi Cathy: Ayano Teshigahara (NBA Ballet) Louise: Asuka Tsuchida (Ballet Chambre West) Street Lamp: Hiromi Oka (Tokyo City Ballet), Mina Bonkohara Entotsu Cleaner: Naoki Makimura (Momoko Tani) Ballet Company), Akiaki Okada (Tokyo City Ballet Company) and many other dancers [Tickets] Ticket price: chimney seat 18,000 yen

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