Plump and soft “Japanese-style tofu hamburger” is newly released from Nash

Nash Co., Ltd.
Plump and soft “Japanese-style tofu hamburger” is newly released from Nash Make it a habit to eat delicious, fun and healthy meals without getting bored. New menus appear every week

We are pleased to announce that “Japanese-style tofu hamburger” will be released on May 16 (Tuesday) for the easy and healthy frozen lunch box “nosh” that does not require shopping, cooking or cleaning. Based on the philosophy of “Making the whole society healthier”, we provide frozen meals with less than 30g of sugar and less than 2.5g of salt, developed by registered dieticians and dedicated chefs. . Since there is no need to buy, cook, or clean up, it is possible to reduce remote work and daily housework. Three new menu items will appear every week so that users can enjoy their meals without getting bored. [Limited number of meals] Japanese-style tofu hamburger
[Image 1:×900.png] [What is a limited-edition menu?] It is a menu with a limited number of servings, and it is a limited-time menu such as seasonal menus! Product features
[Image 2:×900.png] Japanese-style tofu hamburger with domestic chicken. The soft tofu hamburg steak is topped with a soy sauce-based grated bean paste to create an easy-to-eat taste. Red yuzu is added as a secret ingredient to the grated radish and onion. Enjoy it with chunky potatoes and sliced ​​green onions.
The side dishes are flavorful bok choy seasoned with seaweed, corn and carrots dressed with sesame seeds, and enoki kinpira.
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nutritional value
・Calories: 267kcal ・Protein: 10.8g ・Sugar: 23.5g ・Fat: 11.6g ・Salinity: 2.5g *Nutritional information per piece. *Nutritional values ​​are subject to change due to our company’s circumstances. SDGs initiatives
[Image 3:×900.png] ・Using environment-friendly “pulp mold” material Our lunch containers use “pulp mold” material, which is rare in frozen food delivery services. Pulp mold is a material that is expected in various fields for environmental problems. The main raw material is sugarcane powder, which does not generate harmful substances when burned, and even if left unattended, it will decompose in the soil and return to nature, so there is no burden on the natural environment. Even if it enters the body, it is characterized by little health damage.・It can be disposed of with combustible waste, saving time.The pulp mold container can be warmed in the microwave and eaten as is. In addition, it can be disposed of as burnable garbage at home, and after eating, it is possible to reduce the hassle of sorting garbage. This saves you the trouble of cooking and cleaning up afterwards.
What is frozen delivery food “nosh”?
[Image 4:×800.png] With the philosophy of “Making the whole society healthier”, we consistently carry out product planning, manufacturing, and sales in-house. Preparing healthy meals in our busy lives is not an easy task. Under such circumstances, “nosh”, which allows easy nutritional management, aims to become a “national food” that is always available at home. All products developed by our own exclusive chef and registered dietitian meet the nutritional value of 30g or less of sugar and 2.5g or less of salt content, and 3 new items are added every week to ensure that more than 60 products are always satisfied. I am putting in. Started selling “nosh” in 2018. In February 2023, the cumulative number of meals sold exceeded 50 million. Going forward, we will continue to solve social problems through “food” and stay close to everyone’s rich lives.
Company Profile
Company name: Nash Co., Ltd. Location: Nakanoshima Mitsui Building 16F, 3-3-3 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Representative: Tomoya Tanaka, Representative Director Established: June 2016 Business description: Manufacturing and sales company of nosh URL:
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