Promote ethical consumption and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society Renewal of top-of-the-range mattress “THE FRANCEBED” with sustainable specifications

France Bed Holdings Co., Ltd.
Promote ethical consumption and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society Renewal of top-of-the-range mattress “THE FRANCEBED” with sustainable specifications
Two types of new type mattresses that consider everything from the selection of materials with low environmental impact to the time of disposal.

France Bed Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shigeru Ikeda) is the highest quality mattress that represents France Bed, “THE FRANCEBED”, while maintaining its commitment to comfort and manufacturing methods. The materials and structure used in the mattress will be renewed to sustainable specifications with less environmental impact, and will be rolled out nationwide from Friday, May 19th.
[Image 1:×666.png] “THE FRANCEBED” is a mattress representative of FRANCE BED, which has been developed since 2007, based on the concept of “highest quality sleep that brings together the technology of FRANCE BED”. When manufacturing, it goes through a number of special processes, so the normal mattress production line is stopped and skilled top-class craftsmen carefully make each one by completely made-to-order. With the recent spread of SDGs and ESG, more and more consumers are paying attention to environmental and social issues, and there is an awareness of “ethical consumption,” which involves purchasing products and services that fully consider the environment, human rights, and local communities from production to sales. is rising. In the bedding industry as well, there is a demand for not only comfort and ease of use, but also the added value of how the selection of the product will affect the environment and society.
“THE FRANCEBED”, which has been renewed to sustainable specifications, has added the concept of environmental consideration to the
conventional concept. The filling of the mattress is made of recycled polyester cotton made from marine plastic waste, Tencel fiber cotton made with an environmentally friendly manufacturing method, and no harmful substances are released even when incinerated, and it returns to nature when buried in the soil 100. We use materials that have less impact on the environment, such as 100% natural latex foam. In addition, spring mattresses, which are designated as
difficult-to-dispose materials*1 and are extremely difficult to dispose of, have adopted a structure that allows consumers to disassemble and sort them by themselves, thereby reducing the burden of disposal. In addition, we have acquired the Eco Mark certification, which is attached to products that have a low environmental impact and are recognized as useful for environmental conservation, and promote ethical consumption.
“TD-Terre” (Terre means earth in French), which uses rare Japanese silk cotton and pursues luxury and softness, and a triple deck with three stages of springs built into one mattress. There are two types of “TD-Lamer” (Lamer means sea in French), which has a sense of stability. In both cases, by using antibacterial function thread on the surface fabric, the mattress itself exerts an antibacterial effect and can be used hygienically. There are five sizes: single,
semi-double, double, wide double, and queen.
 French Bed will continue to provide products and services with high added value, while also considering environmental and social issues. We will further promote our corporate activities and contribute to the realization of a lifestyle that is rich and kind.
*1 General waste processed by municipalities that is difficult to process properly nationwide
The product outline of the new “THE FRANCEBED” is as follows. -TD-Tele-
[Image 2:×566.png] -TD-Lamer-
[Image 3:×408.png] [Features]
Actively adopting materials with low environmental impact
Adopted a structure that can be easily disassembled and sorted by one person Acquisition of Eco Mark certification for products recognized as useful for environmental conservation
Fully made-to-order and carefully manufactured by skilled top-class craftsmen [Size/Price]
[Table 2: ]
[Release date] Friday, May 19, 2023
[Manufacturing/Sales] France Bed Co., Ltd.
[Sales] Furniture stores nationwide, department stores, etc. [First year sales target] 100 million yen
■ Reference materials
1) Structure that can be easily disassembled and sorted by a single consumer Overview of the environment-friendly dismantling system “MORELIY(R) N”
[Image 4:×368.png] [Features]
-Environmental Conservation- Since there is almost no residual waste, sustainable social activities that do not burden the environment are possible.
-Thermal Recycling- Reusing the thermal energy from incinerating waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing landfill waste. -Material Recycling- The dismantled springs are remade into new springs, making effective use of resources.
-Easy to dismantle- The structure can be dismantled without tools, and the design is friendly to people.
[Image 5:×698.png] 2) How to collect mattresses by municipality
[Image 6:×565.png] Spring mattresses, which are designated as items that are difficult to properly dispose of, have different disposal methods depending on the municipality.
According to Francebed’s own survey conducted in October 2020, 26% of municipalities do not dispose of items unless they are brought in and dismantled by individuals, and 18% of municipalities do not collect or dispose of them.
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