Qualification ★ Passed Claire Certified public accountant short-answer exam conducted in May 2023 Announceme nt of answer bulletin

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[CPA short-answer exam conducted in May 2023] Announcement of quick answers 54 years of experience teaching difficult national qualification exams
Crear Co., Ltd., which provides guidance for exams for difficult national qualifications such as certified public accountants and tax accountants, with the concept of the super-efficient learning method “Insane Passing Method” that narrows down the range of scores required to pass, May 28, 2023 (Sunday). We will post the answer bulletin for the “2020 Certified Public Accountant Examination (short answer type II)” to be held on the website.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/85183/61/resize/d85183-61-280903f9704d9a02f418-0.jpg&s3=85183-61-5f001980decd20204fc9f493c9643da1-1174×704.jpg] [May 2023] Preliminary answer report for CPA short-answer exam -Certified Public Accountant Exam Answer Bulletin-
Preliminary answers will be uploaded in the order of “Corporate Law” → “Management Accounting” → “Auditing” → “Financial Accounting” in the subject schedule on the day of the exam.
[Limited to the first 100 people] “CPA exam insane passing method book” gift

[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/85183/61/resize/d85183-61-51c23ce31a808de7bf95-1.png&s3=85183-61-7f0934f0dd527da973c1f79f2a53a696-901×507.png] The certified public accountant course of Crear Co., Ltd. is conducting a giveaway campaign for the “Certified Public Accountant Examination Insane Passing Method Book”, which condenses the passing method of the qualification examination for 54 years into one book. Those who have trouble with the amount of study required for the CPA exam, those who are unsure of how to study, those who want to know the mechanics of scoring, and those who want to know how to study to pass the exam in a short period of time. This is a must-see!
-Insane passing law book gift application form-

This book is full of useful information not only for CPA candidates, but also for those who are starting to study CPA and those who are studying for the bookkeeping exam! Please apply for this opportunity. [Introduction of related articles]
▼ Usefulness of the non-common passing method in the CPA exam https://www.crear-ac.co.jp/cpa/feature/usefulness/
▼ Certified public accountant exam one-point advice video-Passing the insane passing method-
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